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Starting with this issue, 2011 becomes the year of Green Lantern, and we’re kicking it off with the shocking conclusion to “New Guardians”! Hal Jordan and Sinestro must make a great sacrifice in an attempt to protect the entities. But the future of Hal Jordan and the Corps falls into doubt when they’re betrayed by one of their own! The drums are beating, the tensions are rising and the upcoming WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS is set to ignite!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by GENE HA

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.8%


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I am so tired about Green Lantern hyping future events. Don’t they have the readership to just allow it to happen by now? (I know the answer is never, but I just wanted to complain)

  2. Oh. 2011 is the year of the Green Lantern. The previous years where both GL and GLC became the number one books at DC while a Green Lantern super-event went around raising the dead were off years. What is that? A movie? Well, then yes, I guess this is the year of Green Lantern. Unless it is bad, in which case 2010 it is.

  3. @JimBilly4  yeah that weirded me out too. if last year wasn’t GL’s year then i’m done cause last year i bought a lot of books because of blackest night

  4. I bought #60 cause of the Quietly cover, but pretty much dropped GL after BN.

  5. I’d glad this is the last part of New Guardians, it’s been fun, but way too long. Roll on War of the Green Lantern.

  6. @Zeppo – Agreed about the length, but I’m super excited for War of the Lanterns. Any excuse for Kyle to get in on the action is always a good time.

  7. I’m loving every minute of this entities stuff.  I hope Johns stays on GL forever.

  8. More then likely dropping this book soon. I just don’t want to pick up any more events even if 2011 is the ‘Return of the Events’.

    I would like to see where this Krona story is gonna go but I have a feeling it’s gonna set up for ‘War of the Lanterns’ more then anything else. 

  9. @djd  That’s the trick. 🙂

  10. After the ‘War of the Gren Lanterns’ event, if really like to see Hal just chill on Earth or a bit.

  11. I dropped this a few issues ago. I’ll be back for teh next event. it’s not like i’m missing anything

  12. @edward – Ah, but how would you know? CONUNDRUM!

  13. I think I’m going to jump off before the war starts. Too heavy for me man.

  14. @caseyjustice: will keep me up to date with all the latest comics related news and events. Yay!

  15. I’ve been reading every Green Lantern book since the beginning of Agent Orange, and I have yet to see Hal appear out of uniform. We desperately need a decompression issue.

  16. @Slockhart  Great observation.  What happened to Cowgirl?

  17. @Slockhart/dkbrain: You know Geoff Johns doesn’t have time to worry about relationships that he created!

  18. fuck, cowgril. who cares? she sucks. so johns moved on. do you really want him to write about crap characters you don’t like?

  19. @Slockhart that is a valid point, but i think of all the superhero comics i read hal jordan is easily the least interesting character out of uniform so while that would normally bother me with green lantern i dont really care too much. wouldnt be surprised to see it after war of the green lanterns though. i guess if you go with the idea that the events of blackest night took place within a matter of days hal jordan really hasnt had much time for anything else other than super heroing. 

  20. I liked Cowgirl. I think as far as the story is concerned he is still “dating” her, as much as Hal dates anyone.

    During the “New Guardians” story Carol has referred to Hal and Cowgirls relationship twice, and I think Hal was in his normal cloths at the very start of this arc.

    I really enjoyed this issue. I really liked Hal having to chose between the JLA and the New Gaurdians. Really the only reason he’s not working with the JLA is so that they don’t get hurt, but to them it looks like he’s loosing it.

    The art was not as strong as normal which was a shame. Looking forward to the “war”

  21. Wow, this was a really good issue. I didn’t like the beginning of the ‘new guardians’ arc but this issue was down right fantastic. POTW…so far.

  22. I agree with Slockhart, decompression issue needed. The balls been rolling full speed since before Blackest Night. Sinestro Corps War was fantastic cuz Johns really built up the anticipation, whereas here, I feel like the different post Blackest Night threads havent really simmered long enough for a Green Lantern Civil War. Maybe a Hal Jordan issue would help put the status quo in perspective.

  23. This has me excited about the next issue.

    I can do without the decompression.  Keep the story rolling. 

  24. Solid issue but did Mahnke not get the memo? Bruce Batman has the yellow symbol. I know its picky but it bugs me. 

  25. Liked this issue a lot. And as for decompression… I’m happy to see Hal is one of the most active heroes in the DCU. With all this stuff going on, how does he have time for any type of non-GL social life? Plus, Cowgirl was not very interesting, so I’m happy to not have to deal with Hal going to Coast City every issue to apologize for missing their date. Looking forward to this War. 4/5

    Also… he’s not even back 3 months and I already want Bruce dead again. And Moperman too. 😉 

  26. I. Hate. Bruce Wayne.


  27. I love that Barry, Clark and Bruce basically said the same thing a lot of us were saying.
    “When was the last time you took off that ring Hal?”

  28. Wow… Superman actually made a relevant observation.

    Seriously, this was the best issue in a while. It made me remember why I love this book.

  29. Good issue, yea Supes makes a Batman-esque observation, unlike him, how would Bruce have been able to help against Krona anyways, and agree, woulda been cool if they stayed consistent with current events, Bruce shoulda had his yellow-symbol costume on.

  30. It’s about damn time GL was epic to the point of moving me.

  31. I was confused about the page where it shows Atrocitus biting the head of Kronos, I felt like the page just got thrown in there.  Kronos seemed to be doing just fine on the following page so what happened?  Was that Atrocitus’ day dream?  Did that really happen and Kronos just shrugged it off due to his power?  Was I just too tired last night when I read this issue?

  32. Krona, not Kronos. One is a long standing GL villain, the other is a long standing Wonder Woman villain.

  33. @PraxJarvin  You’re correct, my mistake.

  34. I think yes, Krona is so powerful he shook off an Atrocitus bite. This issue had me until the art nosedived at the end. Only 20 pages and Mahnke was still rushing to get it done…

    And why is it this comic has rotating inkers all the time? Doesn’t inking take less time than penciling? Is Mahnke just delivering his stuff so late it has to be passed to multiple inkers for a rapid turnaround?

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