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  1. Saint Walker vs. Sinestro.  It is a good thing Saint is such a religious man.

  2. I’m thinking St. Walker will need a little more than religion to assist him against Sinestro.

  3. Nice. Haven’t seen Saint Walker in awhile, but him fighting Sinestro? Could be epic!

  4. I like the idea of that cover, but it seems really…compressed.  Like someone took Saint Walker and smushed him a bit.  Oh, and I hope he punches Sinestro in the face.

  5. awww birdies like Saint Walker.

  6. BN, got me reading this book! Good job, people in charge of taking my money!

  7. In my head, Saint Walker is doing this dance DURING the attack by the Orange Lanterns. "Olala. The GLs and the Sapce Gods will save us! I don’t have a care in the world! Blind Faith is awesome! Lalala!" Really excited for this issue. It can only end up being… EPIC!

  8. @PraxJarvin – I picture you actually dancing around while you typed that. Please tell me that is how it happened.

    P.S. Blind faith is awesome.

  9. @stuc – yeah, you can’t go wrong with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood.

  10. @FACE – EXACTLY!

  11. @FACE and Stuclach: i’m pretty sure a whole generation went wrong with Clapton and Winwood.

    Saint Walker is a creepy dude, just like every religious person i have ever known. It’s funny, isn’t it how these comic book reflect real life, hey?

  12. "Tra-La-La-La" – Saint Walker


    Doesn’t blue ring only work when in proximity to a green ring? If so, how can he fight Sinestro alone? 

  13. @Andrew-With hugs and postive reinforcement for appropriate behavior of course.

  14. Aren’t they going to get Saint Walker because they need to team-up all the colors to fight the Black Lanterns.  I like that how even in the middle of a story when they characters already know they need to team up, the classic trope of a fight preceding the team-up stands strong.

  15. @stuc and face. yes, all 6 of their songs.

  16. We’re not seeing the rest of this cover. I believe next to Walker, on the right, it’s that Elephant dude in the air…..He’s waiting to be caught by Walker to keep the ballet going.

  17. He’s so badass, he ballets on death’s face!

  18. @ Edward: You didn’t get hugged a lot did you?

  19. @JJ: maybe i was hugged too much at a young age…

                               and in the wrong place

  20. Wow.

  21. @ TNC: I was thinking Fantasia too!

  22. Big fan of Saint Walker as a character.. I’m excited to see more of him and hope he’s around for a while.  He provides a good counterpoint to everyone else.

    Re: Blind Faith- it’s only because of Winwood in that band that I can even tolerate Clapton’s paint-by-numbers playing.  Yeah, I said it.

  23. Just a heads up, I’ve been told this should be read before Blackest Night #5.  

  24. Thanks Drake!

  25. Drake is correct. Read this first.

    SPOILER: That felt like filler.  Atrocitus was somewhat interesting, but everyone else just felt like they were on a road trip to BN #5.


  26. The stuff with Larfleeze and Atrocitus was great at first.

    Then we get to the meat of the issue and I agree with @stuclach: It’s all filler. It’s the same speech we’ve been hearing for months now about not trusting the GL’s. But now it’s coming out of Atrocious and Larfleeze’s mouth. Nothing exciting storywise about this so it was pretty bland.

    Mahnke though does some fucking good work in this. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

  27. This is shaping to be like a RPG game I’d love to play. Also, would it be far-fetched to say that Geoff Jones approved the mention of Black Rings in Deadpool so he could be able to mention Scrooge and Gonzo in this comic? O_o… Just kidding!

  28. @TNC and stuclach-Agreed.  I very much enjoyed the book, gave it a 5, but it was filler.  But it was required that they go over that again.  Consider the fact that a lot of people did not jump on to this title until BN started.  Johns needs to do a lot of extra work in order to get those fans caught up to what we knew way back when.

  29. I have to say when Mahnke came on board with the BN Prelude, his art was pretty solid. But in this issue it was absolutely awful, I had a really hard time reading this book due to the art. Otherwise, I good filler issue.

  30. Between the misleading solicit, the typo about taking place before BN #6 instead of #5, and the fact that Ganthet, Sayd, and Walker joining the team so fast last issue that I had forgotten it happened, it felt like they had printed the wrong issue.

    But yes, this was completely filler.  Damn-fine filler, but filler nonetheless. 

  31. I wish I knew to read this BEFORE Blackest Night #5! D’oh!

    Kinda ruined it for me, like you guys said, it was total filler, because I read BN #5 & could have easily not read this & been fine with the story.

    But, yeah — awesome & entertaining filler is still filler. 4/5 for me. Art was KILLER story was filler. See? Told you I got skillz. No one is iller. 

  32. I enjoyed this a lot! I like this Saint Walker dude.

  33. Yeah, I read this after Blackest Night too, specifically due to the typo on the first page. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. Both books still made perfect sense.

  34. BN #5 probably should have had a "Make sure you read GL #48 first, kiddies" blurb on its first page too.  I read ’em out of order too, but just assumed I’d forgotten somthing about the end of the last issue of GL.

  35. "Shut up and light up"

  36. I started reading BN#5 first, but knew I was clearly missing something from where we left off in BN#4.  BN#5 should have directed us to read this book first.


  37. How was this filler?

    Sinestro is going to align with Atrocious? 

    Whatsher face will be Larfleeze’s guardian?

    The awesome almost bond between Saint Walker and Atrocious.

     Hal saying he will never work for the Guardians again. 

     That was some huge stuff. 

  38. @theegreatone- I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, I read BN#5 before this & didn’t feel like I missed anything. So, when I read this it seemed unnecessary to the story. BUT, it was still awesome/enjoyable, no question. 

  39. I agree with thegreatone, this was more than filler.  this gave us an idea of what could happen post-BN.  however, I found it funny that they skipped over the story beat eluded to in the solicit.  there was no scene convincing Saint Walker.  I suppose it would have been pointless though, because he probably didn’t need much convincing, but I was curious about his interaction with Sinestro.

  40. I’m still really digging GL and GL Corps and I don’t mind a little filler here and there.  There were some forward strides in this issue however.  Great art by Mr. Mahnke, he’s really settling into this title nicely.  I was misled by the "before BN #6" typo, but through the wonder of comics, I figured it out.

  41. Second best book in the Blackest Night story.  I’m loving this comic book in this series.

  42. I really enjoyed this issue. I did read it before BN #5, which may have changed my experience. Is it filler? Arguably, yes. However, it’s important filler. This is characterization for Atrocitus. He’s not just Angry. We’re also learning more and more about the Guardians being shifty, including Sayd. Ganthet seems none to happy she wants to be Larfeleaze’s Guardian. However, I understand the qualms people are having with this. Still, 5/5 for me. 

  43. I forgot to mention… Mahnke’s art was a little loose and sketchy in the first half of the issue, not really recovering until the Sinestro/Hal/Atrocitus two page spread. It wasn’t bad, but I was a bit disappointed.

    @slockhart Essentially, we don’t see "Team Blue" join with Hal and the gang for the simple fact of it being a forgone conclusion. Saint Walker isn’t going to say no to Hal. Ganthet and Hal trust each other and Ganthet knows the shit hit the fan a while back. In most films, you don’t have long scenes of your character picking up his friends from his house who will most likely go out with him, you just start with three guys in the car on the way to pick up the last two.

  44. I like the seeds being planted in this issue.  I like knowing that the Corps will conitue to be part of the GL mythos after Blackest Night.  Green Lantern, and all the other Corps, will still provide a lot of entertainment after this event.

    Unless we get thrown a huge curve and BL ends somehow wiping this all out, but I hope not.

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