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  1. Very weird to see this come out the same time as Blackest Night. Thought they had a seperate schedule. Still, this title has been the best thing to come out since Blackest Night started; can’t wait to see more Mahnke goodness.

  2. MINE

  3. @theegreatone – Avarice?  Are you wearing an orange shirt?

  4. So very excited… I hope this book is as drama-a-minute as the last issue was, because that made my day.

  5. So does anyone know if I should read this or BN first? Or does it matter?

  6. @RoiVampire As I’ve said before the order is, in order of publication, and weeks where there multiple issues their "importance" is the determining factor: Blackest Night Proper > Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps > BN:Bats,Supes,Titans > forthcoming single issue tie-ins in ongoing books.

  7. What is it with powerful cosmic DC characters and having cornrows?

  8. Forgot to say earlier, that is one badass cover

  9. @WintheWonderboy-Cornrows are a symbol of power.  Kanye, Tyra, Norman Osborn, etc.  I’m surprised Conor doesn’t sport them

  10. Osborn has cornrows? I’ve been reading the wrong books.

  11. @stulack yeah same here,  me thinks someone doesn’t understand that cornrows are braided and Norman just has wavy hair

  12. @RoiVampire-Depending on who draws him, Norman has cornrows.  Either that or the guy changes his hair style depending on his mood. 

  13. @drake   if norman had cornrows you could see his scalp between the rows. his har is always brown with black waves, now white scalp underneath. plus cornrows don’t go sideways, or at least i’ve never seen them go sideways

  14. @Roi-You are taking this way too seriously

  15. Sign of power? Dude, my pubes have cornrows.

    And yeah … it would be good to know what order to read this week BN books in! As you will all no doubt read this & Green Lantern before me, let us know if it matters!

  16. No, agree with RoiVampire. She is obvious right. Drake is obviously wrong and miss judged how funny the cornrows comment would be. Keep up the good work, Roi

  17. @edward The conrows joke is old. I believe Spider-Man even used it during JMS’s run. 

    @roivampire Bo Derek in 10. Cornrow-braid haircut she has is split down the middle to either side.

  18. @Prax: Fond memberies of "10" huh? i wonder why.

  19. I like it how no one wants to acknowledge what WadeWilson said above us. lol

  20. I can’t believe we spent 10 posts discussing/mocking cornrows.  Cicely Tyson is not amused.

  21. Does anyone know what the Ed Benes varient looks like? I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m hoping that’s a better cover….This is kinda fugly looking.

  22. @stuclach-I was hoping we would get up to 20 post about the subject, but 10 is fine.

  23. She has to be a Monitor, there’s no way the cornrows are a coincidence.

    Sister is a Monitor.

  24. @TNC  That cover you’re looking at has Benes’ name on it

  25. is she peeing?

  26. @vadamowens – I think she is laying an egg.  Eggs are white.  Sheldon* is obviously the fabled White Lantern.


    (I just added a footnote to an iFanboy post. I’m such an economist.) 

  27. From cornrows to chicks that refuse to leave their shells.  I love this place

  28. Do you think her hair is real? I think it is a weave…

  29. @supertrackmonkey – Why pay for a weave when you can simply create a construct?

  30. @Supertrackermonkey   This made me laugh out loud for real, probably because i saw "Good Hair" over the weekend

  31. @TNC Hey, did you look at the enlarged picture of the cover? That *is* the Benes cover.

  32. @Prax: Oh… it is.

    Then where is the Mahnke cover?

  33. Nevermind I found his cover. Much better…

  34. YAY for TNC

  35. Probably the best Blackest Night story aside from The Blackest Night.  And that’s saying a lot since I think they’re all good. 

  36. If it wasnt for Blackest Night, this would’ve been my pick.

    From the beginning with Atrocious to the end with Agent Orange, this was a fun time. The artwork for Mahnke is still a site to behold and I love it that Johns is advance the cosmic side of the story here. Great issue.

  37. I loved this issue more than Blackest Night this week.  Hal uniting the different corps ought to be pretty interesting.

  38. this one is awesome…..felt better than BN#4

  39. I like it how Agent Orange is sorta a comedic element of this series now. Johns tried really hard to make him a menace but the last couple of appearences have been really funny. Or maybe that’s just me…

    Just him in that pose of running away from the Black Lanterns made me laugh with joy.


    I LOVED this issue.  The hint that Abin Sur knew the Indigo Lantern.  The fact that the inhabitant of Xanshi was wearing both a black and green ring.  The flicker of other colors on Sinestro’s face.  The fact that Red Lanterns survive BL attacks.  The developments with the Orange lanterns.  

    It feels like Green Lantern is where all the cool twists and plot developments are taking place while Blackest Night proper is exclusively action.  They work very well together.

  41. Atrocious and Larfleeze. Finally.

  42. I loved this, enjoyed it more than BN this week.  Only thing that bugged me was that Sinestro gave up control too easily to Hal.  He was talking up a storm beforehand about inheriting Abin Sur’s task and then totally chickened out.  Oh well.  Great issue overall.  Mahnke keeps producing amazing work

  43. @ stuclach you hit every part on the head. This had to be pick of the week for sure. BN was amazing and had some awesome action and moments with Barry and Atom but GL is where the big reveals are happening. Plus Mahnke is hitting every single panel. 5/5

  44. This was quite the issue. Quite a bit going on here, and it was fantastic in every regard. But I still had the feeling that this wasn’t as great as last issue. And it felt the slightest bit rushed. Stu hit every point I would have touched on, so I’ll just leave it with… 5/5 for me. And so close to being my POTW.

  45. @rift1128 and @PraxJarvin – Thank you.

  46. @drakedangerz
    One thing that is apparent about Sinestro is that he knows how to go about getting what he wants. Surely he hated taking orders from the Guardians back when he wore green but did so to gain the GL powers as a means to keep order on his home planet. He didn’t want to lose the battle of the Sinestro Corps War, but when it came to it, he allowed himself to be taken prisoner because it meant that the now lethal members of the GLC would have to execute him, thus making them feared throughout the universe (I’m not saying he threw the fight, but he alternatively could have killed himself in a ‘you’ll neva take me alive, coppas!’ kind of move). Sinestro concedes to Hal being in charge for now, but I think he’s a’schemin’ for bigger things later.

  47. @Captbastrd-Excellent point, cap’n!  I didn’t really think about it that way.  But now that you mention it, he did have a sort of mischievous look in his eyes when he conceded.

  48. Better than Blackest Night this week.

  49. Little late to the game, but was attrocitices rant at the ryut people a slam at alan moore?

  50. @Gabe-Never thought about that, but it’s possible.  But this issue was already written by the time Alan Moore made his crazy statements.

  51. I liked the part in this how every single page was awesome.

  52. I likes that part too! Let’s be friends!

  53. Early frontrunner for POW for me.  GL has been a much stronger book IMO than BN, although BN #4 took a turn for the better. 

    The other characters in the BN series (Atom, etc.) are starting to get a little fleshed out for me now- I’ve never read anything about Aquaman, the Dibnys, Atom, Firestorm, etc. and so these big emotional moments in the BN series haven’t really had much impact for me and in fact have turned me off over time.  Part of the reason I’ve avoided event comics until now.. I’m just not into ALL the characters and can’t pick up and follow characters I don’t know.

    However, the GL series has been top notch during the BN event and while they have a lot of subplots going on at once, they’re all really interesting and these are the plot threads I’m finding myself more interested in vs. what’s going on on Earth with Flash, etc..

  54. If there’s one problem I had with this issue, or for Blackest Night as a whole. It’s that John Stewart is getting very little time in this.

    It might be a mystery to what is going on in the rebirth Xanshi….but it’s moving way to slow of a pace for me. This should be a big deal for the character and all we’re getting is about 1 page of showing Stewart’s exploits. It’s a little annoying.

  55. @TNC It’s important to remember that so far, this is all happening on the same night.

  56. @TNC
    Also, they keep laying subtle moments out for him and you just know something big/horrifying is a’coming for him.

  57. @Prax/capt: I understand that; but I just think I want to see more of him. If it’s going to result in something huge for the character or the event that I’ll forgive myself for bitching. But if this all leads into nothing, or just a pretty ho-hum reveal then I think this is justified.

  58. Awesome issue.  I’ve been going back little by little to catch up on all things Green Lantern but this issue really makes me want to take in as much as possible.  There world, or rather worlds, of GL has become increasingly amazing to me.  I’m so glad that I picked this title up leading into Blackest Night.

  59. I heard Mahnke and Alamy will be taking a break i think on issue #48 or 49?

    To work on the oversized #50 issue! 

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