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  1. Finally!!  How long has it been since FC: Rage of the Red Lanterns?  Seems like a while.  Easily one of my favorite books, I can’t wait for this

  2. I can’t wait!

  3. The only DC book worth reading right now. 🙂

  4. So much blood… little time.

  5. This book both excites and worries me beyond belief.  Although Geoff Johns has yet to dissapoint, my expectations for this book could not be higher.  Also, recomendation to anyone enjoyeing this arc, but The DC UNiverse stories of Alan Moore (because it’s awesome) and read the story Tigers.  

  6. It’s been a minute since the last GL. Anyone know when Geoff Johns is starting up The Flash origin arc?

  7. This is not a complaint, but does anyone know why Reis isn’t drawing this? Does he have a new book or something? I ask because this seems late, may not be, and was wondering if that was a reason Mahnke was on art duties. 

  8. My fingers are crossed for more Evil Space Kitty!!! 🙂

  9. @brianmaru – my hope is that Reis is already working on his Blackest Night materials.

  10. @brianmaru – Isn’t he doing Flash: Rebirth?  I am perfectly fine with him spending his time on that right now.

  11. Reis is working on the Blackest Night stuff as far as I know.  Its Van Sciver that is doing Flash: Rebirth, although he is also the creative director (or something silly like that) for blackest night.  Designing characters and what not.  I can’t remember who is working on the Agent Orange arc, but its not Reis

  12. I would assume Reis is doing his ‘Blackest Night" stuff right now.  I’m sure DC wants to make sure it looks good, and most importantly is not delayed.

    Van Sciver has said in other places that right now he is busy with Flash: Rebirth doing the art and designing Wally’s new costume. 

  13. @drakedragerz – Philip Tan is on Agent Orange.

  14. I don’t care who is drawing, I just want to see some more Red Lantern Cat :).

  15. I re-read Rage of the Red Lanterns today…that damn cat just cracked me up!!  That cute face >__<

  16. When does The Blackest Night start?  Is it important to read this first or are we thinking someone could just jump on when The Blackest Night starts?

  17. @Marvelzombie-Tough question.  First, Blackest Night doesn’t start until sometime next year.  Second, you could technically start off by just reading the DC Free Comic Book Day comic that they are putting out in May.  Blackest Night #0 I believe it will be called.  Knowing Johns, that should tell you everything you need to know in preparation for Blackest Night.

    I would recommend getting the trades though, cuz they are a ton of fun and some of the best reads you can find.

  18. Seems like forever since we’ve seen a new issue of GL.  Can’t wait to read this one!!

  19. I can not wait for this. Waiting makes me angry!!!!!

  20. Elephant Blue Lantern ftw

  21. Looks like Reis was drawing this after all. So much needs speculation. Book was a blast. 

  22. I love this freakin book!!  Secret Origin made me understand Sinestro, but the exchange he had with Atrocitus totally made me love the guy.  Even if its just for a second or two.

    Loved the elephant lantern, but sad that blue kitty was no where to be seen.

  23. THIS.BOOK.WAS.EPIC.  This totally re sparked my love for Hal Jordan.

  24. "Dear Hal,

    Regarding your recent job offer…. TAKE IT!!!"

  25. Man it’s only the 2nd day of 2009 but it’s gonna be hard to top this issue for the ‘best single issue of the year’ award.

    Fan-freakin-tastic this was.

  26. Very cool and no stupid ass kitties..

  27. Does that mean that in near time we get to see a Jesus blue lantern after the Ganesha one ?!

  28. @FACE-if you don’t enjoy the kitty, there is something wrong with you…and I pity you good sir

  29. I wasn’t sure aboutthis issue but with all the reviews now i’m gonna get it

  30. @Spooky – Hal WILL be the Jesus Blue Lantern of course.

    What about that double page spread in the middle?  What an indulgent, beautiful composition.  It really stood out as something very different from anything else I saw this week. 

  31. My mind was totally blown when the two lanterns saved a dying planet by reversing their sun 8 billion years back….I literally laughed out loud and said ‘holy shit’ when that happen.

    I love it that the process of being a blue lantern is slow too. That way when we get into the Blackest Night, there wont be as many in the battle. Cause let’s face it, Johns just wrote the strongest lantern color ever with blue. Orange and Indigo is gonna need to be just as incredible in order to win me over.

  32. I really can’t believe how brilliant Johns is.  How does he come up with all this shit?

  33. I knew when the emotional spectrum was unveiled in issue #25 that my favorite was going to be the blue lanterns and damned if this just didn’t completely backup my pick and solidify my choice. While this issue didn’t have all that much to do with the Reds raging, it was still good enough to be my POTW. If I had to drop all my comics except five books, this would def. be in that five. Cannot WAIT for the next issue.

  34. This issue was so good, I am almost upset Blackest Night is this summer instead of next summer.  I want more of this.  The emotional spectrum idea seemed a little hokey to me when I first read it, but Johns is pulling it off.  Orange and Indigo still to come and I am hyped up for it.

  35. it felt very bizzare to make this my pick of the week, becuase Scalped also came out this weeks and 9 times outa 10 that my POW.  and we also got a new Ed Brubaker pulp comic.  and yet green lantern hedges it out above them.  wow.

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