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  1. yay new green lantern and green lantern corps this week. Sucks that it got pushed back eh, at least it was only about two weeks. On top of that, Rage of the Red Lantern is scheduled to come next week. Here’s to it not being pushed back.

  2. i say it alot but man this book is packed full of yummy goodness.

  3. Good, yet good for you!

  4. Sad to see this end but I’m ready to get back to the present.  I have this arc to thank for getting me into the GL books.  I’m loving Geoff Johns work.  Great stuff all around.

  5. @CharlieBlix – ditto. Geoff Johns made me a Green Lantern fan. Heck he made me a fan of DC. I’m fairly new to comics. Can’t wait for his Flash run. 

  6. Loving this arc, or should I say the longest origin arc in the history of comics….

    But I want to get to this Blackest Night story just as fast as any of you want to as well. Its coming up soon…I hope they can introduce all the colors before the event.

  7. Same as you all, Johns made me love Green Lantern.

  8. Ditto. I hopped on for Secret Origins, and now I’m a Johns’ whore…

  9. I really like what Johns has done with Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, his supporting cast and Coast City. I’m excited for Secret origin to wrap up to get into Blackest Night. If The Flash is anything like this, I’ll be reading a total of two DC books a month!

  10. Yeah, I am ready to get me some Blackest Night goodies.  Johns made me love GL and even has me excited about Flash!  I used to not even care about the Flash, then I picked up Rogue’s Revenge and am salivating for Flash Rebirth

  11. Is it too late for Geoff Johns to run for president?

    Wait! Then he wouldn’t have enough time to write comics. Nevermind!

  12. I hate to say this because like you all, I love Green Lantern and pretty much everything JOhns writes but this issue seemed kind of anti-climatic to me.  It was good, but maybe I was expecting too much.  Maybe after reading it again I’ll change my mind. 

    That said…I cannot f’ing wait for the Red Lanterns storyline to rip through the Green Lantern book.

  13. @demonboy-I see what you mean.  But honestly, what sort of climax were you looking for in a flashback origin story?  Some huge revelation?  I feel Johns set out to do two things with this arc 1) introduce new readers to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern legacy and 2) recton (ever so slightly) his origin so that if fits in better with where he is heading with Blackest Night.  I think he easily succeeded in that respect, not to mention making me care about Sinestro in ways I never thought I would.

     P.S.  Anyone else have an idea of where Hammond is going to be in all this?  I think I know, but I shall reserve any comments until I’m certain.

  14. @drakedangerz – I guess I don’t know what I was looking for but you’re right, there can’t be that much new info in an origin story.

     I will say this, when this arc started I wanted to be bored with it just because I know Jordan’s origin but Johns did an incredible job of making it interesting for new readers and keep old readers wanting more.  He continues to be my favorite writer right now.

  15. I really liked this origins story. I’ve never read any Green Lantern books before, but I picked it up when the origins arc started as I’d heard good things about the book and it was a great way to allow new readers to jump on. I can understand being fed up if you’ve been reading the book for years, but some of us have only just started.  ;o)

  16. @Garrett- Your going to pick up Rebirth and Sinestro Corp War right??!?!?!?!  You won’t be disappointed sir

  17. Um, I’ve got a couple of trades and some digital "acquisitions" so I’ll be doing some catching up once I’ve gotten through my current pile.  

    By the way, I remember hearing the ifanboys discussing an issue of GL on the podcast where you saw all the different coloured lanterns together. Anyone remember which issue that was? 

  18. @Garrett:  That is at the end of Sinestro Corp Wars.  It was prety cool.

  19. Thanks. I just remember hearing that it looked amazing so I’ll check that out.

    Now, just so I’m clear, is Sinestro a good guy or a bad guy or ambiguous? I mean, he kinda looks like a villain but he’s a lantern so I’m not sure what to make of him. 

  20. @Garrett-Digital acquisitions!?!?!? Shame!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, Sinestro has an idea of wanting to bring order to the universe.  So I guess he means well, but the way he wants to go about it makes him evil.  That, and the fact that he kills a tad bit.  Sinestro Corp War and then the 3 part epilogue explain it very well I think.

  21. if ever two people deserved a double page spread focusing on their abs its Hal and Sinestro.  Holy hell what do those guys eat?

  22. @Kimbo- Sinestro eats baby pandas and fresh yak’s milk

  23. That’s it. I know someone said they’re going to hold reservations, but I’ll bet anyone a hundred bucks that Hammond joins the Agents of Orange.

  24. This entire issue felt like the "Coming this year in Green Lantern (or JSA or whatever)" pages that Johns is famous for.  I am salivating.

  25. The story as pretty much over last issue, so this issue felt pretty much like a 22 page epilogue. Two final chapters of Johns’ stories in one week, & neither of them blew me away.

  26. *was pretty much over

    Wow, I’m typing "pretty much" way too much. Way more than pretty much, more like much much super much.

  27. Hey, i am new to the site.  I am thinking of starting Green Lantern.  I only have a very limited knowledge.  I have like 7 issues from the late 90’s when kyle rayner was the gl.  I have heard some great stuff about gl recently.  I was wondering what trades i should start off with.  I just bought GL Rebirth but havnt read it yet (hardcover for $3 at lcs).  Is this where i would start.  Where do i go from here.  thanks. 

  28. it should also be known, that i dont really read that much dc stuff.  I have a limited knowledge of the history of the dcu.  other than batman

  29. @zakcaldwell – SINESTRO CORPS WAR

  30. @zakcaldwell-HC for $3!??!?!?  Thats a damn good deal.  Start with Rebirth, and then for sure get the Sinestro Corp War vol. 1 & 2.  Track down the past 10 issues of the Secret Origin story arc and the Sinestro Corp War epilogue, or wait for it to be collected in trade. 

    Then if you can, money and time wise, I would get the other volumes of GL that Johns did that composes issues 1-20 I believe.  They offer a lot to the story, but I don’t think they are absolutly necessary for you to get the idea of what is going on.  GL is self contained pretty well, so you don’t really have to read any other DC book.  Although I would say that you should give GL Corp a shot too.  Its great supplementary stories, they also stand on their own very well, for the upcoming GL storyline.

  31. I second the Sinestro Corps War suggestion.  In my opinion that was the best event in recent memory.

  32. drakedangerz– I wouldn’t call it a retcon more like magic. I have known GL’s Origin for years and i never thought about by Abin Sur using a ship.

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