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  1. If you would have told me a couple years ago that I would think Bucky was a bad-ass and Green Lantern was gonna be one of favorite books…

  2. And if you woulda told me a couple of years ago that reading an origin I’ve read so many times before would be so entertaining …

  3. I just can’t believe that I’m avidly counting down the days until this book comes out. 6 months ago I had no interest in this character at all, but grabbed the secret origins #1 after Josh made it POW… Now I can’t get enough.

    I don’t know if it’s Johns’ writing compared to other runs (as I haven’t read them), but every single month this book is fun, exciting and rewarding. Who knew that in 2008 Green Lantern and Nightwing would be the best, most consistent books DC is putting out? 

  4. I am the most anti space, anti sci-fi, anti cosmic…. well, you get the point. One day a month, I get of of my crime noir, supernatural, horror fan zone and freak for joy over the title that is Green Lantern! I can’t explain it.

  5. Not that I want it to end, but how long is secret origins going to last? Right up until blackest night next summer?

  6. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the secret origin arc was 8 issues.  Hmmm… Don’t quote me though…

  7. OK – I had to check – according to the DC site, the final issue of the Secret Origin storyline is #35.

  8. And Johns does it again! This book is too good, it’s making me nervous. It’s like dating a girl that you know is too hot for you.

  9. Most underrated book ever.

    Seriously, this book has some of the best writing and art I’ve seen in a long time. Why isnt Reis working on Final Crisis or a big time book? I’m just loving it that the quality John has giving on GL has not dipped since Sinestro Corps war.

    But is it just me….but didnt he do an origin story already? I mean I read a TPB at a store last week and it was an origin story! One of the first stories he did when he first got on the title. Geez he must either be bored by doing another origin story, or just happen to not work so hard on another big plot right now.

  10. Loved Hector Hammond’s origin beginning. Always creeped me out with that gianormous melon! Loved the Carol Ferris part begging Larry (Negative Man) Trainor to work for her. It makes sense that all of these pilots in DC should have some kind of contact with Ferris at the time. I always found Carol to be somewaht of a shrew, but Johns has me caring for her..a little bit, anyway.

  11. This issue was awesome, as the book has always been since the Sinestro Corps War. I can’t wait till the Blackest Night. This Secret Origin didn’t diminish my excitement for that event at all.

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