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  1. I’m SOOOOO excited for this book.  Last issue was awesome and I’m expecting that they keep it up.

  2. For sure man! This book is freaking amazing and everyweek it just gets better!

  3. Definitely enjoying Green lantern, but I hope the Origin arc doesn’t last much past this issue. I wanna get back to the current GL action

  4. After the way last issue ended, I can’t wait to read this one.

  5. I have been slowly working my way into DC titles, so i’m not as familiar with the characters origin as many are. This title has been great in helping me understand Hal Jordan better (family, motives, fears, etc.), since i started reading the Rebirth trades and laster moving into the Sinestro War. Keep’em coming

  6. Someone call me when the secret origin of John Stewart comes out.


  7. @Diabhol – you’re phones gonna be ringin off the hook someday due to all the calls you’ve requested. 🙂

    @JoeNY – check out Emerald Dawn

  8. I’m getting tight on cash, so I might have to choose between this, The Twelve, and Matt Fraction’s Thor book coming out….DAMNIT…NooOOOo!

    The preview looks decent, definitely has more of a scifi feel going, and I have no clue what "the blackest night" reference is supposed to be….ugh… I hope I dont have to dig through back issues. 

  9. @Diabhol- Why John Stewart, the guy’s been so played out, if they are going to do one, do it right, give one to Colbert.

  10. @FACE i just put it on my shopping list on amazon, tell me what trade can i pick up that has the last story about Hal before he shows up again in rebirth? I really wanna check it out. 

  11. Can we get a ‘Secret Origin of Guy Gardener’? just kidding.

  12. @ PatK: I’m reading most of those… choose GL, it’s much better on a month-to-month basis. I absolutely love this book, probably in the top 3 books I’m reading right now 

  13. @JoeNY – i believe you’re looking for "Day of Judgement" if you want the immediate predecessor to "Rebirth", but it won’t make sense lest you go back as far as "Emerald Twilight" which basically destroys the series to introduce Kyle Rayner as Ion.

  14. great read I wanted so bad to finish it before I ate dinner but mom let me hold off so i wont wet the bed again.

  15. I am glad we finally get a reason why Abin Sur was in a spacecraft when Hal encountered him. And I thought Hector Hammond on the last page was f-ing fantastic! Nice twist! And, a nice p.c. clean up of that awful Pieface nickname.  Can’t wait for the next issue!

  16. I am loving this arc. As a new GL reader, it is great to get to see the origin of Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern.

  17. I’m also fairly new to GL and am enjoying this — I’m curious if there any big retcons in this origin.  Some people have already mentioned that the backstory with Abin Sur’s reasons for coming to earth are new.  Anything else?

  18. @ohcaroline- Ya there is small retcons like you mentioned but nothing that phases the big story.  Don’t worry you get used to it DC does that kind of crap all the time were as Marvel needs big events to retcon their stuff.

  19. For me a regular reader I’m glad they’re doing the origins story for new readers but its not grabbing me too much (I do love the art).  I’m enjoying Green Lantern Corps better because they’re continuing the current storyline.

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