• An epic, destiny-fueled adventure begins here with part one of “WRATH OF THE FIRST LANTERN!”

• The threat that first led to the formation of the Guardians of the Universe returns—and he’s set his sights on the biggest and brightest of the Corps!

• Simon Baz comes face-to-face with his first supervillain—BLACK HAND!—as the First Lantern targets them both with “life decimation.”

• Plus: The ultimate fate of Hal Jordan and Sinestro is revealed!

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke, Dan Jurgens, Phil Jimenez, Tom Nguyen, & Mark Irwin
Cover by Doug Mahnke, Mark Irwin, & Alex Sinclair

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  1. i really wanna start reading green lantern. would this be a good jumping on point? anyone?

    • Not really. A lot has happened in the previous 16 issues that leads up to all this. I’d start after this storyline as all GL books are getting new creative teams in a few months.

    • i agree, this whole Third Army thing has really messed up the Green Lantern Story in my opinion, I would not suggest jumping in until its all over and re read the story you missed in trades, until then if you want to get familiar with the new Green Lantern you might want to jump on the new Justice League book, it look pretty good.

    • Was that a joke?

    • @shane: Usually I recommend jumping right in. But in this case, you’re better off starting at Rebirth and moving forward. Or jump in after #20 and wait until they release the inevitable Johns GL Omnibus. It’s a lot of material, but most of it is fantastic. The next few issues will most likely be continuity-heavy, so jumping in now might not be much fun.

    • If money is an issue, then I suggest jumping on at either ‘Secret Origin’ or ‘Sinestro Corps War’.

      From there, ‘Rage of the Red Lanterns’ and ‘Agent Orange’ can both be obtained fairly cheaply on Amazon.

      After that, go with ‘Blackest Night’ and ‘Green Lantern: Blackest Night’ – you can do without most of the other tie-ins and just follow the core story that way. Its essential GL reading, but it is overly long and convoluted and you can streamline it this way.

      ‘War of the Green Lanterns’ is kind’ve essential, but the surrounding books are not. From there, the New 52 begins with the ‘Sinestro’ trade and the second volume that they just brought out.

      There are a lot more trades than that, but that’s a good fast track to get up to speed on Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern run.

      Alternatively, Johns’ run ends at GL 20, so you could just start buying from GL 21 and follow the new creative team, whoever that happens to be.

  2. kinda sucks that you have to buy the rest of the GL titles. :/

  3. Simon Baz has been tremendously entertaining. I look forward to following his adventures and discovering his role in JLA.
    More entertaining has been Johns’ GL run. I’m not sad to see it go. Timing feels right. Now he can focus and pure all of his energies into Aquaman and his JL books. Hopefully his run on those comics will be as durable and timeless.

  4. thanks alot guys, its awesome that i can get feedback on here from people that know what they are talking about. i think what i will do is wait on the new creative team and just jump on than. sucks though i am a fan of johns.

    • Definitely check out Rebirth to Blackest Night at some point in the future. I didn’t mean to dissuade you from those stories. Most of that stuff is wonderful storytelling, and is extremely unlikely to disappoint. If you’re a fan of Johns, is doesn’t get much better than that. But like I said, you’d be better off waiting until they release an omnibus similar to his Flash run. Right now, the timing just isn’t ideal.

    • I jumped in at Blackest Night and enjoyed the shit out of it, then went back to First Flight and began there. It’s really great. And if you’re thinking of jumping into GL check out War of the Green Lanterns because as much as the NEW 52 was a reboot it picked up where that one left off. #1 of the New 52 feels like a sequel to WOTGL and an epilogue for Johns as the GL writer.

      Go forth.

    • I’ve been out of the GL loop since new52, but I am going to risk it and get this last run. I work in a LCS so I have the gist of what’s been going on, thankfully.

    • I agree with Wheelhands. If you love Johns, start with the trades until you catch up with the singles as that is what I did when the New 52 came about. Geoff Johns has created, imo, the definitive Green Lantern run to which it has bested all previous GL stories, and of which every GL story will be compared to afterwards. I only had sporadic interest in GL until Mr. Johns came along, and I’m very sad he is leaving as i might be leaving with him, depending on the next creative team of course 🙂

  5. So, Robert Venditti is confirmed as taking over from Geoff Johns. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles this title.

  6. Never thought I would ever say this but….. God I’m glad Johns is leaving Green Lantern. This title desperately needs new blood. Even Mahnke’s art looks like he’s just going through the motions.

  7. The Jurgens/Jimenez art during the prologue sequence did it for me on this issue. Such a classic look, I can’t help but love it.

  8. I’ve never seen a character more deserving and needing of 2 months of solid, slow, character-driven storytelling as Hal Jordan. I am beyond event-fatigued from GREEN LANTERN. Rise of the 3rd Army? Jesus, 3rd Army… can you wait to rise until maybe September? I’m still exhausted from Blackest Night, let alone War of the Lanterns and what’s come after. At this point I’m pulling for the Guardians to win, just so they’ll extinguish emotion and conflict in the universe so we can have some quiet time and actually have characters talk to each other for five minutes without some new secret horrible thing threatening everyone and forcing us to fly around and punch and die and come back and lose our powers and regain them and ohmigod I’m tired just thinking about it.

  9. Another solid issue. Worried about how this book will fare without Johns and Mahnke.

  10. This was an ok issue but not reading the other books as me confused on what’s going on. Still don’t know what the third army was really about. Looking forward to new new creative team. Johns as made me a fan of green lantern but its time to walk away.

    Also I started with secret origin and went from there and backtracked to rebirth. Still need to read sinestro war.

  11. Once again Simon Baz is the highlight of the ongoing story. I enjoyed Phil Jimenez’s participation drawing the epilogue. This First Lantern character is not doing anything for me (yet).

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  12. Aside from missing Johns’/Mahnke’s Hal and Sinestro team up of good-cop/bad-cop, I’m gonna miss their Black Hand. I gobble up every panel, every piece of dialogue concerning him. I hope Johns can work him into a future JL story.

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