• “Rise of the Third Army” continues!

• The Justice League comes after the new Green Lantern, demanding answers about the missing Hal Jordan!

• The Green Lantern Corps makes a disturbing discovery about the Guardians!

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy
Cover by Doug Mahnke

Price: $2.99
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  1. Johns is still killing it on this and Aquaman if you ask me.

    • Agreed! This is one of my favorite books.

    • I was on the fence about Baz but this issue changed me. He’s turning into a great character and I’m really interested to see what happens to him. One question I have is why are there so many GL’s from earth? I realize that Hal is “dead” and even before that he was kicked out of the Corps. and I also realize that Kyle was supposed to have his ring taken back by Ganthet but the ring would’nt come off so technically there not GL’s any more. What about John and Guy? I’ve only been reading these since the new 52 and I am slowly collecting back issues from Geoff Johns run but I guess I haven,t got to that point yet.

    • Thought i proof read but I meant to say “so technically they’re not GL’s anymore”. 🙂

  2. I actually dropped this. I have been reading GL since Johns took it on, but this holds very little interest to me. Done and Done. Let me know how it turns out, or when Hal comes back.

  3. love this series. can’t wait to see Bas vs the JL.

  4. I was all set to drop this then I bought one more issue and I may hang onto it after all. I’m genuinely interested in what happens with Hal, Sinestro, Black Hand and the Guardians and there was enough of that in here to keep me around.

    Plus, Bas is actually an interesting new character. I was skeptical of a Muslim Green Lantern in a post-911 world but Johns has pulled it off in a real but not heavy handed manner. I still question the timing and sudden focus on him but hopefully it all comes together soon.

    And the JL showdown was well played.

  5. I started reading DC books with the New52 and have to say Johns is mediocre at best. I’m reading multiple books by him as well as the Flash Rebirth trade and I don’t get what all the fuss is about him.

  6. This arch just isn’t interesting but I’ll probably just read it long enough to find out what is going to happen to Hal & SInestro. The Baz character just seems created to do something supposedly radical to the DCU by introducing a new character. John, Guy, and Kyle all had their day to be the main GL to see if people could live without it being Hal and this doesn’t seem any different.

  7. POTW. Johns continually finds ways to keep me entralled and fascinated and coming back for more. he has a firm gasp on my attention.
    i’m really enjoying all things going on concerning the Guardians, Black Hand, Hal and Sinestro and even Bas.
    my curiosity is killing me as to whether or not we’ll recognize the first Lantern once the shroud of mystery falls surrounding his identity. not to mention the identity of the peculiar figure who is awaiting Sinestro on the last page.

  8. I really like this new lantern. His reaction to the Justice League was very good “You don’t really think I’m going to fight you right?” 🙂

  9. I might have just missed some details in the past issues, but I feel like I’m behind on the story by only reading this GL book. Are the other GL books required reading to keep up with the arc?

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