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  1. tempted to drop this with cliff chiang off interiors. 

  2. While this book was fun and Norton’s art was really great, I was merely left with a "meh" feeling about this book.  I’m still enjoying it enough to read it, but the book has dropped from like a 9.5 to a 7.

  3. Green Arrow is just stupid.

  4. Wow, where’s the love? I’m liking the story in this book. the big problem I have is with the Art. The story is pretty good (Granted the first few issues were so fliping awsome) and has a nice ebb and flo in the story but the art has dropped way off. I look forward to this book every month.

  5. Can we have Black Canary do more than just make witty comments?

  6. not crazy about the art.  This book started out with so much promise but it feels really flat now.

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