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  1. Ok, fine.  I give in.  I’ve never bought an issue of a DC ongoing the day it came out.  Never in my LIFE.

    Ifanboys are persuasive. 

  2. I’m sorry, but i just don’t care for this series.

    yeah, Cliff Chiangs art is beautiful, but other that that it’s just been really cliche and… corny.

  3. Cliff Chiang is back?! Woo!

  4. @MisterBlank – I could see how you feel.  The plot points aren’t anything new or crazy.  I just think the journey that gets us there is pretty well done.  For example, there was an issue of Ollie agonizing over what had just happened (don’t want to spoil it) before an issue of him kicking ass. 

    But I’ve been a big GA fan since they brought him back, so I guess I’m a biased source 

  5. I have always loved Ollie. But I curse iFanboy for convincing me to overcome my distaste for Winnick and start buying this title.

  6. this is an awesome book

  7. I really have liked this book a lot.  I can see where naysayers are coming from, but I love Green Arrow as a character.  Winnick has just been knocking his stories out of the park lately, and he really gets the character.  It’s just been damn fun.  And it’s not too bad to have Chiang back on art duties again.

  8. This is the first DC book I ever read and it is awesome!! Cliff Chiang is just perfect, it’s that he is leaving the book. You can read all about it on his blog:
    I have never read somthing from Judd Winick so I cannot compare this book to previous work he has done, but i find the writing of this book verry good.

     Ow and it was Ifanboy who convinced me bying this book.

  9. I heard about this series from iFanboy, saw the POWs, and finally caved in and bought issue 5 that was just sitting on the shelf. I am a big Green Arrow fan, but not at all a DC guy. Luckily, this series is fairly unattached from most of the events in Countdown and you can really just pick it up and read it without much backstory at all. I plan to keep buying it now that I freed up a little room in my pull list after Crime Bible ended.

  10. What are all these books that people are reading that are so tied into COUNTDOWN as to cause fear and anxiety?  I read a lot of DC books and maybe three of them are connected to COUNTDOWN.


  11. i really wasnt expecting to like this book but i do. just a plain good read, evrything works, no hype, no waste, just good story & art. mike norton is taking over the art. while ill miss cliff i do love me some norton (listen to the crankcast)

  12. This is my favorite on-going title ( to Astonishing X-Men..but this comes out more then twice a year !!)

  13. This is also one of my favorite on goings. Very, very entertaining. You certainly get your money’s worth.

  14. thus far, the last page of every issue has made me desperately want things to keep going.

    with this issue, the last page made me say, "uhhhhhh…what?"

    still liked the issue, but that’s not really the reaction i want to have. 

  15. It was a weird last page.

  16. I picked it up

    I read it

    I put it back

    Survey Say "Waste of Money"


  17. IFanboy seems to be alone in proclaiming this series’ greatness. I’d be curious to hear the iFanboys address why they ostensibly don’t agree with all the very negative reviews I’ve seen. Maybe a podcast dual with that IGN reviewer is out of the question, but I’d be interested in hearing one!

    I’ve never been a Green Arrow fan, but I’m slightly curious to read this.

  18. I really like this series.  There are stronger books out there but this series has been good.  Maybe because I love Green Arrow.  I have to agree with Conner (from the video cast) I too am drawn to the hero’s that don’t have super powers, thus I really like Green Arrow.  Green Arrow is also featured in another series with Cat Woman, Batman, Metamorpho etc (the title escapes me right now) and it is starting out on the right foot.  I love the artwork on the other title too.  Maybe someone knows the book I’m thinking of, if so please post. 

  19. Just like several of the readers above, I don’t read much DC, but I was swayed by the iFanboys to pick up the first 5 issues of this a few weeks back. loved it and it’s on my pull list now.

    The art is great, and this book is more fun than just about any other monthly I’m reading right now.

  20. This was a good issue, but the last page was a little weird! But is was so weird I want to know what is coming next!

  21. Also not a big DC fan but this is by far one of my favorite ongoing titles.

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