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  1. This is one of the best books coming out of DC right now. I’m happy to see so many people have already pulled it. Loving Cliff Chiangs art, its a shame he’s not doing the interiors on this issue but I’m sure Amanda Conner will do it proud, shes a good secondary choice for this title.

  2. I don’t wanna sound like a troll, but I dropped this book after Conner was shot by the cloud, the Dialog at the end of that issue just read terrible for me, I only picked up the first issue because I wanted to find out what happen to Ollie, and I stayed on for a few issues because I really do love Chiangs art.

  3. I love Amanda Conner.

  4. Conner on art is indeed good news.

  5. Did the art and cover get switched?  I was under the impression there was a Conner cover, but it was still Chiang art.

  6. I really enjoyed Conner’s work on the wedding special.  It will be different from Chiang, but solid all around.  That said, if old Chiang needs a break here and there to deliver the goods then by god give it to him!

  7. I am in total agreement with Neb here.

    If Cliff Chiang needs a break every now & then, Amanda Conner’s art is a more than worthy consolation.

  8. this was awesome as usual

  9. superb.

  10. Very good. Felt there were a few weaknesses in terms of the "fill in the dots on the new continuity of Conner and Ollie" content, but it was still very touching, and the end had me hungry for the next one. That’s good comics.

  11. God this book was amazing.  I thought that Conner’s art was good because this was kind of the conclusion to the wedding stuff.  The backstory stuff makes me want to go back and read more of the Green Arrow stuff when his son appeared (I’ve read some because it kept tying into to GL at the time, but not nearly all).

  12. Umm…Amanda Conner didn’t do the art.  Her name’s on the cover for some reason, but it’s not her work on the interior.  I found that extremely odd and disappointing.

  13. Heh…good call.  I guess that makes my comment meaningless.  But i liked the art anyway…..

  14. Great issue! Beautiful art, whoever did it. I can’t wait for the next one!

  15. This is by far the best week in my stack this week. It has such great character development and cliffhangers? I don’t know of any other book that has cliffhangers this high every month. I mean come on how many months can they leave us hanging this way.

  16. This was wow.   Slowly but surely this run with Green Arrow has really turned around my perception of Judd Winick.

  17. I did not think this was a good book. The plot is a lame duck and the characters seem inconsistant, just in this issue.

    And on another not, Not only has Judd Winik done two or three Green Arrow stories with the exact same theme and plot points as this, This was also pretty much the same as Kevin Smith’s second story on the last series.

    But you guys seem to like it, I just cannot enjoy it

  18. This was a good read. Too bad they didn’t shoot Mia instead of Connor, but that won’t happen with Winick on the title.  Testing Avatar too.

  19. I just got caught up with this series, and I am loving every issue of it, including this one. I’m normally a Batman fan, but with all the stuff that I’ve been actually enjoying from DC recently (Green Lantern and this book) I’m seeing nothing but Green.

  20. I think like Josh, this issue brought me to tears.  Those shots of Conner were gut punches for sure!

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