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  1. DC is really showing of the cans this week.

  2. this book has had a good change of style recently with the writing and art, but the coloring of the costumes is still at the bright level. some texture needs to be added to the colouring of Ollie’s costume

  3. The DCU sure is getting more cheesecakey!

  4. my love for green arrow keeps me buying this comic, but even that is getting strained especially when ollie electrocutes dinah.

  5. Why has this been changed into a gritty drama book? The tone has changed completely from the early issues and it just isn’t fun any more. I love Ollie and Dinah but if it continues I’m dropping this.

  6. More lockpicking arrows!!      tehe

  7. How does Mike Norton do those fishnets?

  8. I think he uses a ruler or something    hehehe

  9. Yah…this is slowly creeping into the ‘may drop it’ column.

  10. Ollie is one my favorite DC characters and this book has just been mediocre. As others have said before, it feels like the life has been sucked out of this book since Winnick ended his run here. Say what you want about Winnick’s run on the book(s) but he knew how to write Ollie’s voice and Dinah’s, too. Month to Month I’m presented with a Dinah I don’t understand at all.

    This hovers on my chopping block, but I don’t know if I can treat Ollie like that. 

  11. I skimmed the book in the store and decided to leave it there. It just doesn’t look entertaining. I like Norton’s art, but the story presented doesn’t feel like the book I fell in love with when Winnick wrote it. That’s that…

  12. @praxjarvin- i completely agree. i think the main reason i still get this month after month is my love for ollie.

  13. the only reason i still get this book is my love for Dinah–but i think i will be dropping this next month–the writer doesn’t know ollie and dinah, let alone green arrow and black canary.

    and i agree: why the boob spillover on dinah and oracle this week?!

  14. @saturnmda Perhaps the new Gotham title starring Dinah and Barbara will be titled "Boobs of Prey?"

  15. @PraxJarvin: Good one…

  16. Just about over this book.  One more arc, just one more arc, then I’m done.  I said I thought it was good that Winick left the book last month, well, I take it back.  The art was decent, the colors…eh.  The writing and the story in general (especially this issue) weren’t befitting the characters.

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