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  1. The drop in quality for this book has been dramatic.  If you had told me after the first 5 or so issue of this book that I would be bored to tears by issues 10-11, I would have said you were crazy.

  2. I agree.  I am not buying this issue until I hear something good come from it.

  3. well, this story seems close to wrapping up, which is probably worth something. but ever since it left behind the more serious tone for the sort of zany adventures they’ve had recently, it’s been much less enjoyable. one has to wonder what role editorial has played in making the change, which seems quite unnatural.

  4. Warning –  Some Spoiler

    So, we finally got some resolution and a taste of the quality from early in the series, but the explanation felt lame (for lack of a better word).  Sivana?  Rubberized warriors?  Batman instantly trusting "random guy in trenchcoat"?  It felt like someone (Winick) was trying to cram a bunch of puzzle peices in places were they didn’t fit.

    Pretty good, but not as good as the first few issues of the series.

  5. When does the new writer come on? I want to start buying a Green Arrow book.

  6. It’s just too convenient the way the tide turns everytime someone comes up with an excuse as to why they "had" to kill Connor. The emotional swing from "you need to die" to "let’s get whoever the hell put you up to this" is so unnatural it stings. Could Winnick make it any more obvious that he’s racing to finish up this arc?


  7. The end of this arc certainly did not match up with the beginning.  I bought the first 12, but am now dropping.

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