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  1. This has gone from one of my favorite titles to on the drop-it bubble. Is there any end in sight to this Connor story? Jeebus.

  2. I’m still on board but I think its only because I just started reading it two months ago.  I got all of the back issues for cheap and so this story doesn’t feel like its dragging too much.  Although I’m sure I would feel your pain if I had been reading this from the begining.

  3. When are people going to realise this is a poor series and just leave it all together? An arc that is taking 11+ issues when it would take maybe 4 issues…is a bit of a warning sign all together. It was fun for a couple of issues…but it’s over people…

  4. I’m still loving it, plus it’s the series that gort my girflriend interested in super-heroes. So, it’s a win-win for me…

  5. As of this month… this title is dropped. 

    One we started getting all the guest appearances of Batman and Plastic Man (who NEEDS a frakkin great Mini of his own) I totally lost interest.  I wish this story just focused on the dynamic between Dinah and Ollie on a mission. 

  6. @TheNextChampion – Probably not for a while because the last few issues have been really good.  This one was no exception,.  12 issues arcs are not unusual.

  7. @conor: When was the last 12 issue arc you’ve seen?…I hope not Crisis on Infinite Earth cause that’s over 20 years ago. The most I’ve seen today is 8 with SI.

    I dont understand how lame cameos, uneven storytelling, and weak art makes a book ‘good’. But hey it’s your word and you own the site so hell….You must know something more then I do cause to be quite honest to everyone here: This title is a waste of the paper it’s printed on.

  8. Gotta love the editor’s note in this one.  Hope to see more of that.  Unfortunately, the rest of the book is not as good as the first few issues of this run.

  9. I think this one has probably gone from Great to strong but I still look forward to it and was not disapointed. I’m not doing much in the DCU right now but this one I like a lot.

  10. I enjoyed this issue more than the last few, but do we keep needing the villain switcheroo in this storyline?  I’m staying with the book more for the look and my love of Black Canary than my enjoyment of the story.

  11. This was the first issue to be a letdown for me. 

  12. Here’s the thing…this book is great. I still love Winnick’s writing and while Norton is good Chiang is such a perfect fit for this book. We’re on issue 11, folks, and while waiting a month for a new book only to be given an ok story sucks, understand that the pay off will be worth the wait.

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