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It’s a Tokyo showdown!

At an international tech expo that caters to the likes of WayneTech and Queen Industries, party crasher Green Arrow finds himself in the sights of a mystery woman bent on taking down “evil” corporations – like the one Green Arrow owns!


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  1. Please make this series less bland Giffen.

  2. Maybe I’m nuts, but I think Ollie is a great character. I feel like editorial wanted to just copy what they did on Smallville, and this book has been so bland. I mean, he’s a flawed character with plenty of built in conflict due to his brash personality, yet that has been missing for years. I’d like to see a fresh new talent writing this book. Probably would sell like shit, but at least it would be a bold move. Other than the O’Neil/Adams and Grell runs, Green Arrow has been pretty stagnant. Green Arrow works better when he is more Errol Flyn and less brooding douche with Oakley’s. Believe me, I’m cringing at the fanboyish nature of my own post here, but I think we all have that one character we love… even though we know it’s ridiculous.

  3. @Multihuller I am with you brother; I do not like the idea of using the Smallville version of Ollie! I prefer my good old fashioned GA from back when he was the man and took no ones sh*t!! The Errol Flyn meets Bruce Wayne!! Keith and Dan lets bring back the 70’s – 80’s version of Ollie. the artwork on this book has been very good so far so all we need is the writers and the stories and this will be a great book.


  4. Sigh. Maybe the *next* writer will do this better.

  5. It’s kind of odd that they’d take one of the most “old fashioned” loving characters (I remember in one issue he says he doesn’t like compound bows, and that he’ll stick to his bow any day) and try to modernize him to the point where he’s selling the DCU equivalent of an iphone. Ollie was always a very interesting character, and he’s probably my favorite, but this book is just breaking my heart. Vol. 3 of his book was one of my favorite runs with Smith/Meltzer/Winick. This book needs a kick in the right direction. I liked Smallville and I liked that version of Ollie, but he should stay in that world. I don’t like being that person who says “keep everything the same and don’t change it” since change is inevitable, but it needs to be gradual, and in this case, in character.

  6. They changed Ollie so much that there is no resemblance to the old GA. As if everything about the old one was wrong, as if mediocre sales were a problem of the character and not of poor writing skills. DC, you had a truly original character and destroyed him, for nothing but a short term boost of sales which will fade away soon (because of poor writing, again). For me Ollie Queen and Connor Hawke have been rebooted out of existence.

    • Forgive the nitpick…..Pre-relaunch Ollie was always an enjoyable character and a lot of fun to read (at least in my own opinion), but to be blunt, he was not “a truly original character”. The character was inspired by Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood, in the same way that Batman took his inspiration from Zorro….then proceeded to copy most everything that Batman did…a sidekick, the Arrowmobile, the Arrowcave, the trick arrows…
      even my own comment here on it isn’t that original as DC even sort of copped to it with some self deprecating humor in Green Arrow’s own book a few years ago.
      It’s true that they matured the character and brought him into his own after Longbow Hunters, but I still dont think the idea of a swashbuckling playboy hero who struggled with his own flaws was all that original even at the time.

      Nitpick aside however, the relaunched Green Arrow has been flat and lifeless, and without having Black Canary, Roy, Connor, and Mia to play off of, its just dead… Regardless of whether he was original or not, I’d love to have pre-relaunch Ollie back. This is one of the very few titles I feel that way about (the only other I can think of, is Barbara Gordon’s Oracle and Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl).

    • You’re right, of course. There is little originality in mainstream superhero comics in general. I was thinking mostly about Grell’s GA. To me that Ollie has his own voice, that influenced later versions. And this voice I liked is lost now. To me, at least.

    • @Skyfire124: Agreed. If there were any pre-relaunch characters and stories I’d like back, it would be those three. And maybe put Dick back in the Bat-costume, teamed up with Damien.

  7. Well here’s hoping Giffen can turn it around! I missed this ish this week at the comic shop, but I’m hoping it rises above what Krul had going…if not, Im not going to bother picking it up anymore after this.

  8. This was a 4 for me the artwork was very good and the surprise for Ollie at the end proves to test him in new ways! Knowing how much he loves going up against metas and he is just a regular guy with a bow and arrow! This was a very good restart with Dan and Keith already and if we could just get back to the rebel/free spirit that GA/Ollie is it will be a good time. Anyway I for one enjoyed this issue and the first three really; its just not bad at all.


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