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Spinning out of CRY FOR JUSTICE, “The Fall of Green Arrow” continues with Oliver Queen as a fugitive from justice. But what happens when the Justice League of America learn of his crime? The Emerald Archer’s relationship with the World’s Greatest Heroes will never be the same.

Written by J.T. KRUL
Art by Federico Dallocchio
Cover by Mauro Cascioli

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. I really have enjoyed the Rise and Fall books.

  2. I thought this felt much more like the Krul I know and love, but still a little cheesy and overly wordy.  I absolutely loved the part where he whispered "Now you show up" to Clark.

    But has Federico Dallocchio’s art gotten even shittier?  I remember last issue saying it felt Greg Land-esque at parts, but this book made Greg Land look like Jim Lee. 

  3. I’m in for the reboot

  4. I thought that the story was decent.  I’m going to continue following this storyline.  (Which is quite a feat for DC, seeing as how I’ve ever read a Green Arrow book in my life!)

    @slockhart  I totally agree.  I kept wishing that someone else had drawn this.  Sometimes it seemed like the colors were covering up part of the pencils also…It just didn’t look right.

  5. Great conclusion to the story, really enjoying Krul’s writing. I especially enjoyed Ollie’s identity FINALLY becoming public again (always hated the ridiculousness of him having a secret identity…).

    Absolutely terrible art though…some of the worst i’ve seen in Green Arrow since issues #50/#51 of Grell’s run.

    Definitely looked forward to the relaunch after this though. 


  6. Can a judge really do that?

  7. @elvis666…not since the old west…..@gaint raven…lol yeah the fact no one in star city knew the mayor with a blonde love patch and handle bar mustache was green arrow was pretty stupid…

  8. I really enjoyed the story, the art, not so much. Where do you think Ollie will set up shop?

  9. @AquaPimp

    If you look at the cover of GA #1, and read Brightest Day 0, then all signs should point to him hiding out in the new Star City forest

  10. The craft of the writing was fine, but the plot, some of the events, and the characterizations and character interactions varied between flat and awkward. This felt like a story more interested in setting up a new status quo than in delivering an entertaining or immersive narrative. By the end I just didn’t care about Oliver Queen or Green Arrow anymore. This story was the equivalent of an arrow through the forehead of my continuining to buy Green Arrow comics. On the plus side, it was a perfect jumping off point. Jump.

  11. Well considering it’s the last issue of the series, yeah, it is a perfect jumping off point.

  12. @Slockhart – EXACTLY! And when the series comes back in June (or whenever) with a new #1, I won’t.

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