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Written by JT KRUL
Cover by GREG HORN
Variant cover by MIKE GRELL

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. JT Krul? Don’t mind if I do!

  2. I like this cover a lot! It’s an homage to

     Green Lantern #76

  3. Nice homage cover.  I’m not normally a fan of Greg Horn, but this is really nice. A Mike Grell variant? Well crap… 

    I’m excited for JT Krul, too. 

  4. Glad to see there’s another JT Krul fan.  If Sterling Gates is going to be the next big thing at DC, then I think JT Krul is the next-next big thing.  

    All 8 issues of his I’ve read involved the Titans, and 6 involved Blackest Night, so he needs to branch out a little more before I can feel completely comfortable saying that.

  5. Just now jumping on, but I’ve grown quite fond of Green Arrow recently.

  6. My first issue of this title. I feel like I know Green Arrow’s character very well despite never reading a single issue of any of his series, and I figured this is as good as a time as any to jump on. Hope it’s good.

  7. Are they dropping black canary? What’s going on here?

  8.  @ Grandturk  the book is going in a more green arrow dection

  9. I like Green Arrow, I like Black Canary….but the Green Arrow/Black Canary book had been underwhelming for a while. I was just about to drop it when I heard about the new writer/direction and decided to hang on for a while longer. I know the next story line is going to focus a lot on Red Arrow/Arsenal but I’m hoping there’s more Speedy & Connor Hawke as well. Yeah, I know, it makes the book crowded. So sue me. If it’s going to stay at $3.99 I want a lot of Arrow for my money. 

  10. They should have another run of Green Arrow/Green Lantern where the two fellas visit small america in search of the American dream.

  11. Only getting this cus Hal’s in it. I’ll get anything that has GA/GL together.  But now that its looking like GA and Canary has seperated I am interested in it as a series again.

  12. There goes my idea the turn back to just Green Arrow was evidence Black Canary would die in Blackest Night.


    Still I’ve really enjoyed the past arc and with JT Krul, it’s a win win.

  13. @amircat lol. you fucking punk.  I thought you were serious :p

  14. Hope this is a good jumping on point.

  15. Totally a jumping on point, as I am reading most of the Blackest Night stuff it brings you up to speed pretty quickly in the first 2 pages.  My POTW by a mile, amazingness abounds here. 

  16. If JT Krul & Neves stay on this book I will read it.  This was really good and how I like my GA.

  17. THAT’S why I’ve been hyping JT Krul for months.  He’d easily have my POTW if there weren’t two books by Mr. Johns still in my stack.


    Krul’s staying, but not Neves.  The next two issues both have different artists, but I forget who.

  18. Well, Krul beat the odds, and this gets my POTW.

  19. wow a great Green Arrow book…nice!!

  20. Man, there are some killer pages in here. This art is phenomenal. 

  21. Congrats JT Krul, you’re one of my new favorite writers.  This was by far the best book I read this week.  Just amazing.

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