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Ollie learns the secret origin of Shado, and Count Vertigo attacks!

Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by Andrea Sorrentino
Colors by Marcelo Maiolo
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Feels like forever since the last issue came out doesn’t it? Digging’ what Lemire and Sorrentino are delivering here – one of the Top 5 best DC books out right now.

    Oh what’s that? You want to know what the other 4 books are? Well allow me enlighten you…

    1. BATMAN
    4. AQUAMAN

  2. 1. Talon
    2. Flash
    3. Batwoman
    4. Green Arrow
    5. Superman: Unchained

    • So this your bottom 5 right? ohhhhhh!


      Thank you very much! I’m here all week!

      (Just messin’ with you dude) =)

    • LOL

    • lol. I’m still very new to DC. I’m normally a Marvel guy but those titles are the ones that have caught my eye. I hear Aquaman is pretty badass

    • Now that’s what I like to see HollowPrince! Someone with a sense of humor that doesn’t get all butt-hurt when I give you a little bit of shit for your Top 5 list. You just made my Top 5 List of most awesome iFanboy members! =)

      Seriously thought you do have Green Arrow on there which is rad. I love Batwoman but feel it sorta lost it’s way after J.H. Williams stopped doing the art – still I read it and still like it. Talon has been pretty fun too, not a fan of the art too much but cool character. The Flash I can totally live without. And Superman Unchained? Well you can read my thoughts on that book here:

    • @ HollowPrince, Aquaman is super badass. I’ve loved it since the beginning.

      @ everyone, on another note how is Green Arrow, I read the first arc when Lemire started but stopped after. If I start reading at the next arc do you think I would be able to easily fill in the blanks?

    • Invincipal, if you read Lemire’s first story arc you should be okay jumping back in with this issue – although if I were you I would seek out the issues you missed cause there is some righteous stuffed happening in those pages.

  3. Seeing as we’re all posting our top 5, here’s mine:


    This Green Arrow run is epic at the moment.

    • You had me till Superman: Unchained

    • @ghostmann Unchained hasn’t been that bad. Just a little uneventful. Let’s not forget that All-Star Superman took a few issues to really get rolling, and look how that turned out!

    • What? All-Star Superman #1 was incredible! I don’t think things started off slow at all – I mean that two page spread of Supes flying under the sun melted my face and blew my mind! Stunning!!! (That’s 3 exclamation points by the way, that’show much I loved that scene).

      I just feel both Snyder and Lee are phoning it in – I think with the film Man of Steel hitting theaters DC was all like “we need a new Superman book out quick!” Feels rushed and uninspired.

    • Okay, maybe not SUPERMAN UNCHAINED then , on second thoughts. That’s in the Top 10, but probably not a Top 5 title. Probably either EARTH 2 (Really annoyed that Robinson is leaving), TALON or JUSTICE LEAGUE, which has really improved following its weak second arc, with a very strong Throne of Atlantis Crossover with AQUAMAN, and Trinity War is shaping up to be really strong as well.

    • Supes Unchianed is an awesome book. Definitely top 10. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Best Supes book at DC (an it’s only two issues in)!

  4. This and Sheltered are easily my most anticipated books this week. I can’t get enough of Sorrentino’s art .

    Top 5 DC:
    1. Green Lantern
    2.Green Arrow
    4.The Flash
    and 5.The Green Lantern Corps.

    • I don’t know dude, the whole Green Lantern universe/world has been boring the shit out of me lately. Maybe I’m just burnt from all the different colored rings and The Guardians always fucking things up and Hal Jordan’s lack of characterization on the writers part and Sinestro not being able to make up his mind if he’s a good guy or bad guy and, and, and…..


    • I hear you man it just sounds like you need a break from it which I totally understand. I’ll probably never pick up another Spider-Man comic in my life cause I’m so tired of Peter Parker. I didn’t read Johns entire run as it came out ( I just started the Sinestro War in trade last night and I can definitely see how you’re tired of all the differnt rings) so I’m not burnt on that whole universe yet. Don’t forget that The Guardians are all gone for right now and Hal is leading the Corps. Nice breath of fresh air. You were right when I was about to drop Batman before Zero Year started but I think you’re wrong here. In Venditti I trust!
      As for Green Arrow I thought this book was great . Even as I’m still getting used to Sorentinos art and what to expect he still blows me away.

    • Agreed, the latest issue of GL was great. In fact aside from Larfleeze and the Star Sapphires (who came WAYYY before the Sinestro Corps) its all about the GL Corps. Give it a try @ghostmann 😉 .

  5. Read last issue, seemed kinda light on plot. Maybe that’s what Lemire is going for, a simple fun comic. I’ll give this a look tho.

    Since everybody is doing this, I may as well (cause I’m a sheep):
    Top 5 DC Comics (As have last reading)
    5.Justice League #22
    4.Flash #21
    3.GL Corps #21
    2.Green Lantern #21
    1.Batman/Superman (that was a tough one, but easy when I remembered that book).

  6. Top 5

    Animal Man
    Green Arrow
    The Wake (I know it’s Vertigo, but still)

  7. For whatever reason, Top 5 for DC

    1. Batman
    2. Batwoman
    3. Wonder Woman
    4. Green Arrow
    5. Bats/Supes

    I expect this list to change as soon as Vertigo launches its new line! No way is Sandman NOT going to reach 1 or 2 🙂

  8. The Wake
    Wonder Woman
    Batman and…
    Brother Lono
    The Dark Knight, now that Maleev is on art

  9. 1. Batman
    2. Swamp Thing
    3. Green Arrow
    4. Batwoman
    5. Animal Man

  10. Honorable Mention: Detective Comics (didn’t want two Batman titles in top 5).

  11. My DC Top 5 is:
    1. Batman
    2. Superman/Batman
    3. Adventures of Superman
    4. Superman Unchained
    5. Justice League

    What can I say, those are the only DC titles I’m currently reading, other than JLoA and JLD for Trinity War LOL!

    Top Titles I dropped, but am considering hopping back/catching-up on (in alphabetical order):
    Animal Man
    Batman & (Not) Robin- specifically interested in the Two-Face arc starting in October)
    Swamp Thing
    Wonder Woman

    • Also, in regards to Green Arrow, I did give it a chance when Lemire/Sorrentino came aboard, but it just isn’t what I want from a Green Arrow book. The Art is beautiful, the story is somewhat interesting, but…that’s not Oliver Queen. Or at least the version of Ollie that I enjoy. I’ll stick with re-readng my back issues from Kevin Smith, Brad Meltzer and Judd Winick…

      Maybe pick up some older issues I haven’t gotten around to as well 🙂

  12. 1.Adventures of Superman
    3.Animal Man
    4.Superman Unchained
    5.Green Arrow

    Batman Inc is sadly missed already from me.

  13. Ok, GA is officially DC’s 70s kung-fu revival comic, the last page sealed the deal:) fun!

  14. For shits and giggles, my top 5 DC books:

    1) Batman
    2) Aquaman
    3) Green Arrow
    4) Nightwing
    5) Batman/Superman

    Ain’t it funny that, we, as grown men, have no fear now to exclaim our love for Aquaman? I mean, five years ago we would have been beaten up in a dark alley by a bunch of cooler nerds for saying such blasphemy… Geoff Johns really did a fantastic joke of making Aquaman a badass instead of the butt of all jokes.

    Now unto the main topic, I have yet to read Green Arrow #22, I’m nearing it in my stack though. Damn videogames taking up all my free time nowadays! 🙁

    • It is nice Aquaman is cool again (thank you Geoff Johns). Although I’ve always felt the character had that potential, since he appeared on “Superman:TAS” and “Justice League”. So thank you, Bruce Timm.

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