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• Oliver Queen has lost everything: His company, his money, his friends and most of his arrows. It’s all because of one man: Komodo, who has come to tear Ollie’s life to shreds!

• From the ashes, Ollie must uncover the secrets of his father’s past — secrets of the island and Ollie’s own uncanny ability with the bow.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Andrea Sorrentino
Cover by Andrea Sorrentino
Variant Cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Can’t wait to read this, top of the pile, definitely! 😀

  2. Are those the same daggers as the ones in the movie “The Omen”?

  3. Picked up 17…passing on the rest. Very disappointing. Overly generic start, the colouring was terrible, the art was very inconsistent, and I cringed when I saw Oliver pull a bow string back seconds after getting an arrow shot through that wrist…Poor re-restart I thought.

    • Yeah, #17 left me underwhelmed, as well. Still, I think I’m gonna give it a couple more issues. It may yet win me over.

    • I didn’t really care for the style of art either. It’s not my thing as Josh would said, but I’m willing to go at least until the storyline is wrapped up. Here’s hoping!

  4. Jumped on for issue 17 and I plan on sticking around. Story hooked me and the art was great. Very gritty.

  5. Issue 17 has a commanding start that demands my attention.
    I think the art is unique. The perspective feels fresh and organic. The villain has piqued my curiosity.
    I want to know what’s up in Queen’s corner of the DCU.

  6. Enjoyed #17 more than I thought I would. If my shop has this I’ll pick it up and keep going.

  7. Last issue wasn’t anything mind blowing, but it left me interested enough to pick up this issue. Shit, I just want a half way decent DC book to read.

    • How about a full-way decent book in Batman 🙂

    • I’m one of the few who doesn’t care too much for Snyder’s Batman, not for lack of trying though, and I just kind of lost interest in Batman Inc. I’ve just come to the decision that I really don’t care for anything involving Batman in general. I know, I’m a terrible person haha.

  8. Not bad apart from the naff colouring, Hawkeyes still the premiere archer though.

  9. Read this and a reorder of #17 together.

    I dunno. It’s alright. It just doesn’t feel like Ollie to me.

    It feels like the show. Which I don’t care for.

  10. Top of my stack this week and it was very good – built on the solid foundation from #17

  11. Wow, reading this was like work to me. I was just so bored reading this and the art was so muddle and blah. Well, I gave it a shot at least.

  12. I read the issue, don’t care for the art, didn’t care for sadistic daughter, thought she might look good with an arrow through her head and then have a real reason for Merlyn, oops I mean Komodo to want revenge, over the years Ollie always compared as low tech Batman, now we get an arrow shooting Joker, still lame, one more issue then I’ll probably bail.

    • Maybe it will get better when Ollie goes to the island in the dagobah system and learns from Yoda…yeah, that will fix it!

    • I don’t really get your “Joker” comparison. Seeing as the hero and the villain are similar, I think arrow shooting Bizarro would be more appropriate. But then that fucks up your Batman/Arrow juxtapose. 😀

  13. I haven’t read that much GA in years. O’Neil really made the GA character that I love. The outspoken, liberal crusader. The JLU cartoon really highlighted what I like about Ollie.
    I realize it’s gonna take a while for n52 Ollie to mature and grow into the character I love and for the moment, that’s fine. He’s still brash and headstrong. A throwback to the Golden Age version.
    I like what Lemire’s and Sorrentino are doing here. It’s cool.

  14. I seem to be the only person who enjoyed this issue more than the first. I do miss liberal mustache Ollie though

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