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• Oliver Queen is young, rich and reckless…what could possibly go wrong?

• Discover the events leading up to the birth of Green Arrow, and Ollie’s history with Roy Harper!

Story by Ann Nocenti
Art by Freddie Williams II & Rob Hunter
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Can anyone think of any in continuity way to possibly fix this character? Just have to make it all a dream?

    • The only thing I can think at this point is cancelling the book and starting it again in 2 years, cause from Krul to Giffen and now Nocenti it hasn’t been wroking. And Nocenti is only marginally better.

    • Yeah that may be the only way to fix it. I dont dig Nocenti’s writing for this character too much, personally it doesnt fit Green Arrow.

    • I’ve got it! Reveal that the entire series up to now hasn’t been the adventures of the real Green Arrow. It’s actually just been a shitty teen drama on the CW and it ends when the real Oliver Queen, who is still 50 and looks like Robin Hood, revokes their right to use his name.

    • I’m not sure if I’ve seen any real character substance in at least 6 books – it should be easy to fix once they decide to hire a decent writer. I’m hoping that happens soon. These writers have done a good job of making themselves look bad, it will only get worse by comparison once Geoff Johns is also writing the character in JLA next spring.

    • @WillupsBrighton

      Don’t knock the show until it comes out, because in all honesty I think the show seems pretty solid.

    • I have to agree this book’s GA does remind me of the boringly dull looking show coming soon from the CW. But, I could be totally wrong. The show might be great fun. This book could get back on track. Who knows?

      Not a fan of FW2, though, his work is too sloppy for me. And Rob Hunter seems to make art worse. He certainly made Mark Bagley’s mediocre work look especially bad. I like Harvey Talibao’s crazy scribbles better.

    • They could do what happened to Mr. Terrific at the end of his series and send this Oliver Queen to another Earth.

      It’s a shame that he’s going to be used in JLA so soon because I would have liked to see a new Oliver Queen from alternate Earth – a complete blank slate of a character.

      Have him come from a dystopian Earth where he is banished to Earth 1. He struggles for survival and eventually becomes a successful businessman and philanthropist while developing his hero persona, the Green Arrow.

  2. I only wanted to buy this book because month’s prior it said it was written by Judd Winick. This is one of the major things I’ve been waiting for the new 52 to reveal. The nature of Roy and Ollie’s friendship. And now I see ol’ Nocenti is writing it and I’m sad now……

    • Yeah, this is a major cover design FAIL. It is definitely by Winick, which I only know because he confirmed it on Twitter, so it’s back to the store for me to grab a copy.

  3. Was I the only one who actually loved this issue?? 🙁

    • I’m afraid so, I’m curious though, how long have you read GA?

    • No, I’m with captaincold as well. I dug this issue. Now, GA is my favorite hero in the old DC Universe. His characterization and stories are some of my favorite. Year One, Dennis O’Neil’s run, Grell, and the Smith/Meltzer/Winick run are hands down some of the best GA stories on the planet.

      (Spoilers for issue 0 mentioned next)

      The new 52 Ollie is nothing but the Smallville Ollie, and took away everything I loved from the old GA. I was heartbroken when I read GA #1 all those months back. But this issue, though not great (really, Iron Eagle?) was a huge step-up thus far. It really made me feel like Ollie has this giant weight on his shoulder from the deaths of all those people. He’s doing what he needs to do because of his guilt. It made me feel for the character. Now, this really hasn’t resonated during the first 6 issues (I bailed after that but came back because of Winick in this issue), but hopefully the upcoming JLA and future issues will make this Ollie a little more likeable or maybe bring traces of the old Ollie back. Old GA will always be my favorite, but hopefully I learn to love this GA as well.

  4. Anyone know if Winick is on for good, or just the #0? He’s definitely a leg up over Nocenti, but I felt like this story would have been better served flushed out over a few issues. Winick hinted at some character depth and plot complexity in a few scenes that he just didn’t have the space to fully explore.

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