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ThePunisherMAX10/07/09NoRead Review


  1. Way is that lady crying milk?

  2. This is really terrible. The first three issues were total rubbish. Dropped, baby.


    and can’t i have my doller for the first issue back?

  3. I don’t know.  I’ve enjoyed this so far.  The first issue was everywhere, but it’s gotten progressively better.

  4. i like this one too much. first issue was odd, second was meh, last was great! it will be getting good and good. and new storyline is looking so good.

  5. I love this book. I love the fact that the first issue was everywhere and that with each issue it gets "straighter", faster and more and more tragic. Its 100 bullets on crack… and I love crack!

  6. I really like this series so far. I’m quite surprised that so many people seem to dislike it, although I guess I can see where they’re coming from. Overall, I’m really excited for this issue though. I’m definitly making this a regular series for me.

  7. Too many good comics around to waste time seeing if this will get any better…Dropped

  8. I love how people say ‘dropped’ like they’re saying ‘you just got served’.

  9. Last issue was fantastic and then this one… sigh.  I’m sticking with it until #6 but I’d be shocked if I kept buying it after that.

  10. I’ve like it just fine so far.  The first issue had my head spinning, but as the plot has been unraveling I liked it more and more. 

  11. I think it will read better collected.

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