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GREAT TEN #1 (OF 10)

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Urthona11/08/09YesRead Review


  1. Bring it!

  2. Don’t know the creative team, never read 52, but Grant Morrison ideas in the raw are usually very good, so if this is written by a skilled writer who can build on the GM ideas, I think it could be good.  Do people like McDaniel?

  3. @Urthona

    Tony Bedard is doing great writing on R.E.B.E.L.S., so I’m looking forward to this.  You’re missing out if you’re not reading R.E.B.E.L.S.   As for McDaniel’s art, it’s not a style I seek out, not a selling point for me, but I prefer it to Freddie Williams Jr. if I had to choose one.

  4. If you want to check out the art here is the Preview:

    I was impressed with Scott McDaniel here, (and I just looked up other things that he has been on) and suffice to say I usually am not. I hope he can hold it together.

  5. It was decent but I don’t think it will be anything better than that. I don’t think these comics based on Morrison ideas but written by other people ever really turn out well.

  6. I liked FC:Dance, and this was OK. Not bad but room for improvement.

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