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  1. Grant Morrison + Dr. Who = LOVE!!!

    Really could there be a more perfect match? I think not. Now I know these are just colored reprints of stuff he did in the 80’s, but here’s to hoping it is as awesome as it deserves to be.

  2. What I wouldn’t give for grant writing about the 10th doctor.

  3. What I wouldn’t give for Grant Morrison to quit writing comics.

  4. @J4K3 You know, if you don’t like a writer, you can just not read them. What’s the point of being angry at them?

  5. You know a writer’s name has become a rubber stamp when…

  6. MEH

  7. Grant Morrison and Doctor Who? Together at last?

    I didnt ask for this but, its an early X-Mas for me!

  8. @J4KE

    take it to another forum. we don’t need people like you here.

  9. Everyone simmer down.

  10. And yes, J4K3, coming into a discussion to non-constructively bash something you have no interest in is trolling.

  11. I just noticed Hitch is on this book. I think that is pretty cool.

  12. Conor’s right you know….

    *hides himself under bridge until SI #7 comes out*

  13. This is kind of intruiging, even though I’m not really a Dr Who fan.

    I might wait until the reviews come in a bit before I decide to check this out.

  14. I went through some of my old Doctor Who magazines from the 80’s last night to see if I had any of these. The "classics" series collects the five page serialized strips from the old magazine. I don’t have any by Morrison but I found quite a few penned by Dan Abnett as well as Paul Cornell. Craziness.

  15. I’m sure I must have read these in Doctor Who Monthly back in the day.  Of course, back then Grant Morrison wasn’t the Grant we know and (mostly) love today – he wasn’t a NAME.  I am quite looking forward to picking this up and seeing the stories in colour. As I recall the Doctor had a talking penguin called Frobisher for a companion (Look! He’s on the cover!). 

  16. My curiosity will get the best of me here. I hope it pans out

  17. I’m getting this but I’ve read these before and they are quite good.  Would they be good to a non-Doctor Who fan??? I’m not so sure.  but I would never tell anyone not to try ANYTHING Doctor Who at least once!!

  18. Ok then. Here: After becoming a fan of Doctor Who, quite recently, I can say I love the last two seasons and have a growing appreciation the past Doctors and what those seasons meant. As such, I’ve very little interest in seeing what Grant Morrison, of all people, could bring to Doctor Who in the comic book format.

    That better? No reason to jump down my throat all rude-like. Geezis. Many more people have done worse things on a forum. Relax.

  19. @NealAppeal – Who said I was angry, man? It’s not like I was "J4K3 smash Morrison!" That’d just be silly 🙂

    @MisterBlank – At least I’m not telling people what to do. No one needs someone that rude anywhere, sir.

    I believe I have a right to state my dislike of Grant Morrison (and seeing his over-rated name everywhere) without having to take the time to put together an involved paragraph to do so. I’m sorry that so many people go so upset over so small a thing, but what, really, did it accomplish? Nothing at all, I’m afraid. Now, can’t we all just… get along and read our comics in a peaceful manner?

  20. simmer down, drink some tea, preferably green.

    I’m curious what people thought of this.  I was going to pick it up for my wife, she loves the Doctor, but she is mostly in love with good ol’ David Tennant.  Not sure if she will get a kick out of this older treatment.  If enough other fans think its good I shall purchase.

    Side Note: when we met Mark Millar in SF we spent a while talking about David Tennant and who he was dating.  Priceless!

  21. Simmer down?… If I must 😉

  22. I thought this was pretty good, maybe not so good if your not a huge fan of the series in general.

    I’ve only started watching this once the 9th Doctor came about. So I dont know anything about the 6th and 7th Doctors. Like….why is there a shape-shifting, talking penguin in this? Still pretty fun sci-fi story if you take the Doctor Who elements.

  23. haven’t watched/read much of the good doctor since i was a little kid and this issue brought back memories of watching the show on pbs with my stepdad, good times. and a great read

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