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  1. What is Mister J’s secret?  I thought that wasn’t even the REAL Mister J?  Did I miss something?

    And what’s up with a new artist for this?  I don’t like March’s style much at all!!

  2. I think "Mr. J"’s secret is that he was not the real Mr. J at all. I felt cheated by last issue and it’s reveal.

    If it was down to me I’d drop this book, but my girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind me bring comics home as long as I bring her this.

  3. It’s amazing how a different colorist can make this art dramatically better. His storytelling still sucks, by his pencils look much tighter. This book earns yet another reprieve from being dropped.

  4. Man I love this book. It will never be potw but its silly, fun, comic book nonsense. The art is really cheese cakey and they have tried to make every possible character a sexy woman in skimpy clothes. And while I would ordinarily decry such blatant objectification there is humour and ridiculousness in here which raises it above the usual mildly misogenistic (spelling?) cheese cake that is available elsewhere. How many other comics these days have loads of exposition pages where the villain explains not only his plans but why he is doing it. It hakens back to the golden age in a really nice way. Maybe I should have done a review!? 

  5. One great panel with the Joker killing an inmate with a plastic tray, otherwise very dull!

  6. Good and all, but I feel my attachments to this book slipping with every issue. 3/5.

  7. I’m out. This was fine but I look at the price tag and I look at the level of enjoyment I got and I just sigh.

  8. This was great fun. Probably the best issue of the series so far.

  9. I keep thinking about dropping the book but everytime I read it, it’s so fun and good that I keep it around for another month

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