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Golly’s battle with a coven of goth faux-vampires has resulted in his near death at the hands of their true vampire master. As Golly hovers between this world and the next will his insights from the afterlife prove enough to defeat the sinister bloodsuckers?

art & cover BROOK TURNER

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  1. Well, it was a long time coming.

  2. Golly, it was a long time coming!  I thought it was dead!

  3. FINALLY!!! Glad it’s not dead. This is one of my favorite titles. Now if only another issue of Four Eyes and Bad Dog would come out I would be happy.

  4. wow i didn’t think we’d ever see another issue of this.

  5. A nice surprise.  What was the hold-up?

  6. @WetWork – the artist apparently

    As well as Four Eyes and Bad Dog, I’d like to see Guerillas. 

  7. This series is fantastic.  PH has said that the next Golly! book will be a one shot or a GN. 

  8. I too am a big fan of this unusual series, mostly for its relatively unique characters and premise.  I especially like the humor that Hester brings to what would otherwise be dismissed as another monster-of-the-week sort of series.

  9. One of the few comics that consistently caused me to laugh out loud while reading.

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