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akamuu12/08/09NoRead Review


  1. What’s with the lack of buzz?

  2. Oeming’s a great artist. Not so much a great writer.

  3. you have to give him props for trying though, he has written a fair amount by now

  4. this concept kind of reminds me of Ares, a Marvel Limited Series back in 2006. it was a fun read. Anyone else remember it?

  5. yeah. it was about…. Ares from dark avengers. it was ok. and it was written by oeming as well

    The recent issues of secret warriors have been dealing with that Ares series

  6. @edward – i had no idea. i thought ares was a standalone story

  7. well, now you know. and that’s half the battle or something

  8. This was awful!  I couldn’t even make it all the way through.  Added on Wednesday, dropped on Friday — a new record!

  9. oh, yeah. after crossed there was no way i was even touching this

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