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While I adore Oeming’s work on Powers, his other projects have yet to excite me.  Mice Templar suffers from coming to be fairly soon after the much superior Mouse Guard.  And this first issue was so busy with text and panels, that I didn’t even finish it.

My admitted bias here is that I don’t like stories that revolve around Greek/Roman/polytheistic goods unless there’s stand out art, concepts, or dialog, and I did not find any of those things in this issue.  Broglia is on art for this book, and his work just looks like Oeming’s, if Oeming was rushing to meet a deadline.  And, while rushing appears to be a theme in this issue, I would more appreciate an art that conveys rushing, and not one that conveys being rushed.  Having flipped through the book, looking for breathing room, there is only one page that isn’t asprawl with panels, but it doesn’t look any cooler than any other page in the issue.

I was really hoping this would grab me, but I think I just appreciate Oeming’s art a lot more than I enjoy his writing.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average

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