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Mxyzptlk02/27/09NoRead Review
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  1. Yes Gigantic is back. i wanna see giant robots fight each other

  2. FINALLY!! this is so good!!

  3. I totally forgot that this book exists!

  4. i want to write a great review but i cant find that special thing tp talk about. i like this series becaue………..

  5. i kind of feel like Rick’s just bitching about tv

  6. Yeah I kind of agree with edward above–this feels a bit more whiney than most stuff from Remender

  7. The dialogue during the battle lost me a bit, but the fight itself and the beautiful art was great.

  8. My problem with the art is that all the lines have the same thickness, there often is a stunning lack of depth to the panels.  Add on that that Gigantic’s head is hard to recognize, and I sometimes find myself searching the art trying to figure out what is going on.  The story is rock solid.

  9. I really wanted to pick this up but I can’t find the first issue anywhere. So I shall have to trade wait. *sigh*

  10. Now I understand why Gigantic could fit into a house and be the size of a normal man in issue #2. Did they explain that in issue #2 or did I just miss it cuz I was really confused by the scale and art in #2. This issue was better but the scale of the characters still seemed a little bit inconsistent. Good issue though, looking forward to the next one.

    PS – I like what Rick appears to be saying about TV; that’s why a read and just watch stuff on DVD and ignore the rest. 

  11. rick remender is just a tad overrated. this issue was weak.

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