G.I. JOE VOL 2 #6

The Cobra Civil War takes no prisoners!

The recently captured submarine cruiser, The Tuna is under a cyber-attack that could send it to the bottom of the sea with a full crew of Joes aboard!

And Flint and Team Alpha are on the run with the Baroness their captive. And their only sanctuary may just be the deadliest place on Earth for the Joes: Springfield.

Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by Wil Rosado
Cover by Tom Feister & Wil Rosado

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


yyzKyle10/06/11NoRead Review


  1. Back-to-back weeks again on a Joe title, man I wish they could get this shipping schedule nailed down…. and where is Destro?

  2. My store got issue 5 last week but not the Snake Eyes issue. And there are no Joe books listed on next week’s shipping list (yet). There are 4 books, they should be one per week, like they were when they started. I agree, they should nail this stuff down!

  3. I was ready to drop this and the other Joe titles. This kept me on till next issue. This was done very well.

  4. I can’t drop this series. It keeps getting better and I can’t get enough of the Joes!

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