G.I. JOE VOL 2 #5

The Joes go underground—literally! They’ve been on the defensive for the last four months, and now they’ve got a plan to get out of the line of fire, regroup, and start painting Cobra with red, white, and blue butt-kicking! That is, if Cobra doesn’t find them and kill them first… Zartan and Baroness are scheming, and that can’t be good for the Joes!

Story by Chuck Dixon
Art by Javier Saltares
Cover by Tom Feister & Javier Saltares

Price: $3.99
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  1. I am a big GI Joe fan, and I am rooting for it. However I am really starting to get the feeling that Chuck Dixon is trying to do something that is too big. It doesn’t help that these books are shipping out of order or on the wrong weeks etc. Frustrating to see a beloved property failing to deliver.

    • The shipping schedule definitely hurts these books. I’ve been wondering all month when this issue was coming out. Issue 4 came out at the start of August, which was a longer month Wednesday wise. It’s been almost two months between issues.

    • The covers don’t help either. Frustrating because I am rooting for this series.

  2. I don’t think they relaunch to #1 has been the big win they were hoping for… but I love these books

  3. this is such a great re-boot of the series. seems everyone thats giving it a chance has enjoyed it.

  4. No longer enjoying this book. This and Snake Eyes came out this week and I didn’t like either one. The Cobra characters are interesting and well written for the most part but the Joe’s are brutal. Last week’s GI Joe cobra was a fine issue but didn’t do anything to make this series ( all 3 books together ) feel organized or on track. Dropping this like its hot.

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