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  1. I just noticed that the art team isn’t split in this issue.  Wonder whats up with that.

  2. I think I’m gonna have to re-read the first issue, I really didn’t get what was going on.

  3. #1 surprised me by being pretty good.  I haven’t read Hama since the old Marvel GI Joes, he still has it.

  4. My LCS is 2-2 in not receiving this book the week it comes out.  Now, I must wait…

  5. This was pretty good.  I think I was spoiled by last week’s Cobra issue, but very entertaining indeed.  Really enjoyed Heavy Duty and his grand entrance in that iddy biddy car

  6. This story helped me fill in the gaps of what was going on in the first issue, I confess.

    Hama is writing G.I. Joe and I am psyched.  With the three series going on right now, I am really excited to watch this new universe exposebits of itself.

    Heavy Duty debut was most definitely solid.

  7. Not a bad issue. Not as good as the first one, though.

  8. Found an issue at another shop… this was sort of a letdown after the stellar #1.  Still, very solid.

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