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General Hawk’s new operative has found Chuckles… who’s in no mood to be rescued. And considering how his last handler ended up, maybe she should take his advice and leave him alone. Meanwhile, delve deeper into Cobra’s twisted inner circles as Tomax and Xamot are called before the high command.

Writer: Mike Costa, Christos N. Gage
Artist: Antonio Fuso
Cover: Howard Chaykin, Antonio Fuso

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. After last weeks "Shit just got real" moment, I’m excited to see where this is headed.

  2. I wanna see Cobra Commander damnit!!!!

  3. @vadamowens – yes! I need to see CC. I hope some new storylines start-up here. 

  4. I was just being impatient.  I think the preliminary Fuso art that was posted on this site a while back was for this arc.  So I think we’ll be seeing CC before this one is ended.

  5. Words can’t describe how excited I am for this book! So glad I’m onboard for issues this time.

  6. Hope my store gets the Fuso cover for me cuz that Chaykin cover is AWFUL

  7. I would be very excited for this issue IF I’d been able to read the first one.

  8. I picked up last issue, but I’m thinking of waiting for the trade now.

  9. My LCS didn’t get any this week. So so sad

  10. This must have been delayed… it’s not even at the bigger stores in Manhattan.  Maybe the Diamond truck mishap?

  11. @themanagement I doubt it.  That was a few weeks ago.

  12. LCS did not have this.

  13. I never imagined anyone would be able to tell a story of this caliber using this property.  Simply amazing.  I can’t wait for #3.

  14. Great issue. Seriously if you can pick this up.

  15. Fantastic read.  I’m getting more engrossed into this new angle of Joe with each issue.

  16. This series (including the first volume) is really something special. I love how Gage and Costa have been able to take some of the most ridiculous members of Cobra (Croc Master and Crystal Ball) and give them such memorable and supremely creepy cameos.

  17. My LCS didn’t get it either.

  18. Wow. This is starting to feel better than the previous series and I don’t know how that can be.
    Ditto on the creepy villain sentiment. Crystal Ball and Croc Master have been very pleasant additions to this world.

    West coast and I got it, so I want to know the deal with shops not getting stuff.

  19. Also missing from my shop…… Damn you Diamond!!!!

  20. my lcs said hopefully he will have it in next week, silly diamond messing up my weekly reading

  21. My LCS tends to get IDW and Avatar books a week later than Diamond advertises. I’ve just come to expect delays here in the midwest.

  22. The creepy villain guy kind of looked like Alan Moore.

  23. Same thought I had.

    Alan Moore is only creepy in his photos.

  24. This is a fiction. It didn’t exist last week. What gives?

  25. Lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who though he looked like Moore.

  26. How is it possible that this just gets better with every issue. Don’t know how it’s possible but it is reality. Absolutely incredible

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