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  1. Last issue was really good, I’m hoping this one delivers as well.  And the Baroness with glasses?  Oh thats hot

  2. I’ll check this out but I may not get the third depending on how this one plays out.

  3. last issue was good. cant wait to see this one

  4. I liked the first issue, so I’m excited to get this.

  5. As a old timer, i had a hard time telling who was who, other then Scarlet and Snake eyes. None of the characters looked like I remeber my action figures looking, other then the two I mentioned. I am having a real problem with that. The book was standard Dixon, very well written, I just want my Joes to look like I remeber them

  6. The first issue was good, and I am really looking forward to this one to get this first story arc kick started.  G.I. Joe and I are going to have a honeymoon period where they can do no wrong.  It will probably last 10 issues or so.  That said, I heard a really interesting tidbit on the G.I.Joe Review Podcast available on itunes.  In their interview with IDW/Joe editor Andy Schmidt he commented that the girl Dial Tone was supposed to be a new character that IDW wrote in and Hasbro shut down.  Hasbro felt that with the already huge roster database couldn’t IDW just change one of the guys to a girl and voila!, Dial Tone is a girl.  So with that; my two-cents are "Good job, Dial Tone is a great choice and this team needs strong, smart, believable women" 

  7. What’s the in box?

    -Brad Pitt

  8. Damn it.

  9. This is so awesome the first encounter between G.I.Joe and M.A.R.S. leader and Cobra’s main weapons supplier Destro I hope to snatch this comic book though.

  10. I grabbed the Adam Hughes cover version and this book was great.  I love how they’re layering in the characters slowly.

  11. I enjoyed this issue too, more so than the first one I think.  Glad its picking up steam

  12. Loved the AH cover.  Good stuff on the inside too.  And just what is Snake Eyes up to..?

  13. Cover was great, story was great and I like the art a lot too.  Dixon makes G.I. Joe feel like modern day military and that is super cool.

  14. why are more people not reading this?

  15. Probably due to the 4 dollar cover price. That and licensed property books tend to have negative stigma in comics. Especially the 4th time around (Marvel, Image, DDP and now IDW). But I agree more people should be checking this out.

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