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  1. This comic has been consistently pretty great lately. It’s a shame it isn’t selling better. Jason Aaron has me actually ENJOYING a Ghost Rider comic and that right there is pretty miraculous.

  2. This book was decent but Huat’s art totally picked this book up 100%. I love what Aaron is doing with the character though.

  3. I had NEVER read a Ghost Rider book before, but all the buzz about Jason Aaron and the first arc had me curious, I loved Aarons scalped. WOW!!! An extremely entertaning story with some wild ideas- I loved it. Im hooked and will follow this as long as aaron is penning it.

  4. As much as I like Jason Aaron, this is tough for me to stick with. I really hate this dude’s artwork & I’m already reading a comic about a character I’ve never had any real interest in before …

  5. After a great set-up for this arc last issue I hope this is all out action and violence based on the last page of issue #24 and the cover of this one. Looks to be BAD ASS!!!

  6. Have they said how long Aaron is going to be on this book?  He’s a good fit, but the art in this book is so bad I wish he’d get off it so I can drop it.

  7. i love Jason Aaron. jsut figured i would say it

  8. LOL Brandon2, I hear ya. The artwork on the last arc was OK to me, but the guy on this arc is horrible.

    I guess I’ll flip through it in the shop & if it doesn’t make my eyes bleed, I’ll pick it up. If it’s gonna be all out action like comicdork thinks, it’ll be hard to resist it!

  9. Buying this just for Jason Aaron’s writing. I love how bats**t crazy it is.

  10. How does this have a rating of 5.3/5 – weird!

  11. @robee: Cuz Jason Aaron is writing it!

  12. This was a great book.  and as a long time ghost rider fan (looks like i may be the only one) i am realy excited that he is bringing chars from both of the previus arcs into next issue.  i dont like it when a villian drops off the face of the earth, granted there are some bad ones but they can always get revamped.

  13. Okay I flipped threw the title and…..

    ‘Meh’….A strong ‘meh’ but not a big ‘whoo-hoo’ for me. I’m sorry, maybe it’s because I’m not a Ghost Rider fan but….I fail to see why this makes Aaron a big time name. Sure Scalped is much better, but I’m not much of a fan on that either…Oh well, it’s much better then the earlier trades I read of this. Even a free read a Barnes and Noble was too much money for me. >_<

  14. I liked this issue. Even the art didn’t grate on me too much this time (my eyes didn’t bleed). Plenty of action & violence & fun for everyone.

    "How does it feel?"

    "Heh. It tickles."

    That was a pretty awesome line.

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