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  1. Ha jason aaron is great.  As an RN I could see this happening.

  2. Jason Aaron is the only reason I’m buying this. The first issue in this arc was great.

  3. this book was the best that Ghost rider has had in a wile.  Good Job Jason, and thank you.

  4. i never cared for ghost rider, but Jason Aaron makes me wanna check it out.  So far, so good..

  5. I’ve been a huge GR fan for years and after Ennis mini I had high hopes for an awesome GR series.  But "D Way" dropped the ball and did a series that went nowhere and felt flat.  However, there’s a new ‘Rider’ in town and his names Jason Aaron.  He’s GR is by far (after two issues) one of the most enjoyable and entertaining run.  He’s given the book a fresh yet familiar (those old horror movies … drive in movie feels) feel.  And the art just add to it. 

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