‘The Future is a Four-Letter Word.’

The Fifth Light has destroyed Tokyo, which can’t be good for the X-Men and mutant relations in general. Hope and her crew are in terrible trouble and it’s looking like Cyclops and Wolverine can’t get them out of it.

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Salva Espin
Covers by Olivier Coipel and Greg Horn

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.3%


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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. The first issue was fun.  I’m on board and it’s a slow week, so I’ll pick this one up….probably.

  2. I liked the first issue a bit, I have a feeling that this story can really go places. I’m glad this story is getting such a big spotlight with its own series.

  3. After being suckered by two years of Cable, I’ll wait on this if it’s any good.

  4. Too much 1st person narration in the first issue. Really dragged for me. I really like Kieron, so I have strong hopes that this willjust gain momentum from here.

  5. I was split on the first issue. Loved some bits, hated others. Sticking it out, though as I think some of these new mutants have potential.

  6. I have pre-ordered first three issues; I am hopeful this series will see similar success to that “Uncanny X-Force”

  7. I absolutely love Espin’s art here.  It’s fairly unique and little cartoony without going into manga ridiculousness.  I’m just hoping this doesn’t get cancelled right away.

  8. I hope this gets cancel so this team can take over Uncanny. It would be awesome if Coipel did stand alone issue inbetween arcs.

  9. Is this good or Akira again?

  10. @ResurrectionFlan  The Akira rip-off was explained.

  11. Eh, not feeling this one.  I might give it one more issue to win me over, we’ll see when it comes out. I love the art and I like the idea of the book, just not the execution.

    It seems like a massive mistake to have Cyclops and Wolverine show up so soon in the series.  I want to see the cast of kids so I can get to know them.  Instead we have Cyclops constantly telling them to stand down.  Well then why did you have them come you moron?  I know this is an extention of an Uncanny X-Men story (which I don’t read) and that was probably also a mistake.  They should’ve launched this more like Uncanny X-Force – self contained and focused on the core cast.

  12. Uhg… sold out in my local shop. Waiting to see if they get another copy in. 

  13. …And I’m out.  

    I wasn’t going to pick this up b/c last issue didn’t thrill me, but I love new mutants and learning about them.  Not really not much “learning about the new mutants” though.  Oh, and thank god Cyclops & Wolverine showed up, I was worried that they weren’t getting much exposure.  

    Also, not a fan of the art.  When can Coipel stop doing covers and actually do an ongoing?  I LOVE his work. 

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