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  1. A great series. They are continuing it past the 3 issues right?

  2. It is a series of short minis under the "Battlefields" banner.

  3. Literally, last night I was thinking to myself  that we hadn’t seen this title for a while and I was a little upset…. It’s all good now baby

  4. Can’t wait for this conclusion & can’t wait for MORE Battlefields.

    Will all the future series be based in WW2?

  5. This has been so good. I fully expect it to be my POTW

  6. All signs point to this being awesome.

  7. if i remember my high school history correctly, the night witches cast a spell which brings Nero forward in time and he and Hitler fight on top of the arc de triumph

  8. @edward – Oh man, no spoilers plz 😛

  9. Excellent finish this story.  That last panel was just badass.

  10. Wow. It doesnt seem like that many series/books leave me completely satisfied…but this one has. I’m so excited to read the next series.

  11. I wish I could read more stories with those characters. It’s sad to let them go into the snow.

  12. Great finish to a great series.

  13. this was easily the best book of the week… poor german bastard

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