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• First issue of an ongoing series!• Featuring the first chapter of “WAR THAT TIME FORGOT” written by J.T. KRUL and with art by ARIEL OLIVETTI….and dinosaurs!

• Plus: The first chapter of “UNKNOWN SOLDIER” by JUSTIN GRAY, JIMMY PALMIOTTI and artist DAN PANOSIAN focuses on all-out war in Afghanistan!

Story by J.T. Krul, Justin Gray, & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Ariel Olivetti & Dan Panosian
Cover by Brett Booth, Andrew Dalhouse, & Ariel Olivetti

Price: $3.99
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  1. Take note DC: These books don’t fail because they’re war comics. They fail because they’re written by J.T. Krul.

  2. I’m checking this out only for the Unknown Soldier back-up, and hopefully the main story is good enough to warrant buying it again.

  3. From what I’ve heard Krul say, it’s two main features sharing equal page count. No back-ups. I’ve read good Krul and I’ve read mediocre Krul. I’ve read a few issues of Captain Atom that were pretty damn good actually. There are worse writers who don’t get near the amount of scorn.

  4. If this was Palmiotti, Gray, and Panosian all the way I’d definitely give it a shot. But Krul AND Olivetti? That’s not my idea of a comic….that’s my idea of hell.

  5. Did you guys bail early on Men of War or something? Cos Krul wrote a fantastic short story for #7. And I’ve heard his Captain Atom run is fairly solid too. People can improve, ya know…

    • Liefeld and Krul would beg to differ. Not even being fully snarky there, I think some people are capable of being thoroughly average and while that is OK, there is too much excellence out there for me to settle for OK. I’m interested in the backup story, especially through #3, but hey if he manages to tell a good tale I will be the first to admit it and be extra happy with a solid war book. I’m just not holding my breath.

  6. I’ve been burned by Krul too many times. Give the whole book over the Palmiotti and Gray, and I’ll gladly fork over the money. But until Krul is gone, I’ll find other ways to spend my money. Seriously, why do they keep giving that guy books to ruin?

    • I feel this way, too. I’ve been witness to his utter mediocrity too many times. It’s like I get suckered in again and then made the fool. I won’t get fooled again!

  7. I’m buying this purely on the “backups” which seem to be more like a second full story and minus Krul. If he could fall in a deep hole I’d be OK with that.

  8. I just read the Krul half (haven’t had a chance to read Gray and Palmiotti’s yet) and it was really good. In fact parts of it are insane. Krul predicted the future (DC does it again).

    sold it for me. Probably dumping Earth 2 because I have to choose between my $4 comics.

    • I may be mistaken, but Earth 2 will be $2.99 beginning with issue 2. So, you may not have to choose.

    • Oh really? I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for the info. Though I have to reread Earth 2 and decide if its for me. I’ve the Gray/Palmiotti story now and is better than Krul’s. Both are good stories, completely different take on a war comic. Now I’ve never read war comics before (missed Men of War too) so I dont have any other books to compare these to. But I really enjoyed them and I hope they stick around.

  9. Gray and Palmiotti’s piece in this was worth the price of admission alone. I seriously just want straight war comics like that. I can live without the dinosaur business.

  10. Both stories were a lot of fun. I really did not care for Olivetti’s art, however. I think I like Krul’s bit more…It may also be that I am a sucker for Dinosaurs haha

  11. I liked the both the stories but I found the art in the war that time forgot really rough and it wasn’t because of the use of things like a M1 tank as a North Korean tank. The problem was that most of the characters looked like traced over photos and some of the clothes did not seem look to be draped over the characters properly.

    The unknown solider story was top notch. I wil take more of that please.

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