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A new call to arms begins as Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters return in an all-new action packed ongoing series helmed by the writing team of Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Travis Moore and Trevor Scott!

A national mystery unfolds when the government learns of the existence of a Confederate super weapon intended to insure the South won the Civil War. Who built it and why wasn’t it used? Find out when Uncle Sam leads the team on a quest through the hidden history of the United States! With new challenges and old threats returning to plague them, the stakes are higher than ever. Can even these stalwart heroes stand by their duty when their country calls?

Variant cover by SHANE DAVIS

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  1. Don’t know if I really want this, but I have loved The Ray since the very first miniseries in the 90’s, so I’ll give this a shot. 

  2. YES!!! My favorite Uber-Obscure super team is getting its own ongoing! And its by palmiotti and gray, one of my favorite writing teams! Really hopw this has the same tone as Power Girl and maybe amanda conner will pop in for a one and done in the future!

  3. cant wait to see who he brings in and out of the team over the run, and yea the rays always good

  4. I, probably like most people, don’t know this team.  However, that’s a bit of a selling point.  I am ready to be surprised and to be introduced to a new (to me) cast of characters.  I love Palmiotti and Gray, who really know how to tell a story, whether it’s one-and-dones, like Hex, or on-goings, like Power Girl.  Is it possible to build something up in your mind when you have no idea what to expect?  ‘Cause I think I’ve done that.

  5. Would really recommend the last two mini-series with the Freedom Fighters done by Palmiotti & Gray: Uncle Sam and the FF with Daniel Acuna, and FF: Brave New Word with Renato Arlem, both series were superbly drawn and written, really missed out if you didn’t catch those.

  6. @Franktiger: Thanks for the heads up.  I’ll check both of those out.

  7. Loved Palmiotti and Gray on the first two Freedom Fighters mini-series, and have been awaiting this ongoing! Somehow I missed the solicits for this, so this seemed like a nice surprise. Excited for this one.

  8. Never read anything about them.  But I love the creative team.

  9. Love the team, love the writers, have no idea who in the heck the artists are (wikipedia brings me only football players), I’m excited though

  10. Is that Ray Terrill? Poor guy. It must suck to get farmed out to the B-teams.

  11. Yeah it’s Ray Terrill.  It might be a B-Team but the two Freedom Fighters mini series was really good. 

  12. WERE really good.  Me knows english gooder than that. 

  13. Passed on this one, which was hard cus was sucha huge fan of the last two minis Palmiotti and Gray did with the FF, but the art just wasn’t up to snuff on this one flippiing through it.  The art on the last two minis was like groundbreaking stuff in my opinion.

  14. Loved the first series. I think that was due mainly to the Ray Acuna artwork, but the series was fast-paced.

     The follow-up series was a bore. Probably passing on this.

  15. the opening fight scene seems like its graphic for the sake of being graphic but the rest was ok love hex but im might leave this for trades if it turns out to be good.

  16. I love collecting Freedom Fighters stuff. There’s a slim chance of owning all of it. Loved this team since I first saw them back in JLA 107 & 108 (December of ’73). Hopefully, this will live up to the promise of some of the better iterations  (like the last Palmiotti/Gray run on the title, in ’06). Can’t wait, actually.

  17. Loved this group when I was a kid too.
    So, this is the original team? Back from the dead?
    Weren’t they all massacre’d in 52?

  18. not the same team, again read the two Freedom Fighters minis, which really were amazing!   As for this issue…it didnt blow me away like the minis did.  I loved the strong characterization the minis provided while this issue had very little of that.  I’ll stick it out a few issues though as I really think we’ll see a turnaround given that we’re talking Palmiotti here!

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