• The conclusion of “SON OF SATAN’S RING”!

• The mole inside S.H.A.D.E. is revealed.

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Alberto Ponticelli & Wayne Faucher
Cover by Alberto Ponticelli & Wayne Faucher

Price: $2.99
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  1. This was my pick of the week. That being said, I only picked up two comics this week (Batman #12). I’ve really been enjoying this Frankenstein book, both the art and story. The flashbacks are great and Kindt is building on the story and character of Frank. I’m looking forward to the Rot issues and the return of the Doctor! Keep buying this comic, because if the sales drop and they cancell it, I’m holding everyone who dropped it personally responsible! I would like to see more work done on the secondary characters and a follow up on the current location of Mrs. Frankenstein.

  2. I love this book. I was once a mostly Marvel boy (Excelsior!) and have found that I now am mostly a DC man. The fact that there is never any way to out guess where this title is going is one of my favorite aspects of it! I’m unbelievably excited for the coming Rot arc, loved the recent expulsion of Frank’s (and his parts) inner demons, and am enamored of Kindt and his writing. GREAT JOB DC!

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