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The shocking conclusion of the FrankenCastle era! After his brutal struggle to kill Daken in Tokyo, the Punisher is in rough shape. In order to restore his health, hacker comrade Henry Russo sends Frank to the nearest remote place he can find — Monster Island. However, as his body heals, Frank’s mind begins to fade into madness. Someone needs to take him down. Someone named Elsa Bloodstone.


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  1. So sad that Frankencastle ended so soon. I guess the crappy comics reading public just wasn’t ready for it’s brilliance.

  2. Am I the only one that dislikes Brereton’s art/ paints?

  3. @NawidA  Not really sure it ended soon. From the Way Remender talks in interviews it was always planned to last just as long as it did

  4. Is Remender still writing Punisher after this? Is anyone?

  5. After this there is going to be a punisher mini written by remender. after that i have no idea

  6. I heard that Aaron’s taking over Punisher and he’s going to to get a girlfriend, have some beers with Cap and then go to Hell.

  7. I loved Remender’s run. I really became a fan of his bc of this run. Looking forward to seeing how he brings the crazy in xforce.

  8. @mikeandzod21- I don’t think I would enjoy it on a monthly basis, but I don’t mind Brereton here and there.

  9. @mikeandzod21-You are not alone, I have never dug his style, but i’m also not a big horror fan which seems to me is what he is trying to convey.  Plus the premise reminds me too much of the whole Punisher as Angel Hit-Man or whatver that thing was several years ago.

  10. can’t wait until this is traded

  11. love Breretons work. I had a chance to meet him out in Denver this year and was very excited when he told me about his upcoming issue on Punisher.

  12. I really like Brerton’s work. That is one of the coolest looking covers I’ve seen in a long time.

  13. I was thinking of picking up this book, which I’ve never read, just for the Brereton art.

  14. Not a big Brereton fan.


    It seemed to me that sales drops killed it as his tone in interviews changed during the initial monster arc. The way the Daken crossover was announced was super rushed (if you look at the #17 solicit you can tell that was supposed to lead into a lot more). 

  15. This looks like book is going the way of GHOST RIDER and IRON FIST: end of regular series, mini series, indefinate hiatus. This seems to be the plan for NOVA and GAURDIANS OF THE GALAXY too. Is this Marvel’s new way of canceling books?

    If so, where’s my CAPTAIN BRITAIN mini series?

  16. Also… This gets canned but we still get a Daken solo ongoing? Awesome.

  17. In The Blood is the end of Remender’s Punisher work.  it’s possible that no one else has pitched anything to fit into a Punisher ongoing.  and maybe DnA have enough plans for the character in Heroes For Hire that they weren’t looking to hire someone to come onto the book.  sales aren’t necessarily the whole story

  18. I’m really sad to see Remender ending his Punisher run. I really think it was the best implemented Marvel 616 Punisher run ever!

  19. @butchcassidy yea that silently canceling a book pisses me off. Like Swierzynski never got to finish his Iron Fist story and the title just disappeared after the five weapons mini. At least Aarron and Remender Had or have a chance to wrap up their stories.

  20. Looks like In the Blood is Remender’s attempt at a serious 616 Punisher (even before Frankencastle, the run has been very campy).

    Going by the cool little prelude at the end of this issue, I am very excited. 

  21. Would’ve like to have seen Frank keep the bloodstone, what would’ve happened with a ’empowered’ Punisher and the repercussions of that.

  22. Another series I like ending.  Damn again. 

  23. Damn this was baller

  24. Didn’t like the main story at all. Thought the transition from Franken-Castle happening off-panel was a huge let down. And I didn’t like Brerton’s art at all. Having said that, I loved the last few pages with Andrea Mutti.

  25. Man I really dug Brereton’s art in this.

  26. So sad this thrill ride is over.  We need a Remender oversized HC collecting his whole run on Punisher.

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