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It’s time to dance your cares away as Archaia and The Jim Henson Company invite you to return once again to Fraggle Rock! Join Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red for a brand-new series of hilarious and heartfelt adventures written and drawn by some of the most imaginative creators in comics. Whether you’re a fan of the original series or new to the world of the Fraggles, this is one title you don’t want to miss. Just watch out for Gorgs!

“A Throne of My Own”
Writer: Heather White
Artist: Jeff Stokely

“Time Flies”
Writer: Katie Cook
Artist: Katie Cook

“Red Story”
Writer: Jeffrey Brown
Artist: Jeffrey Brown

Writer: Heather White, Katie Cook & Jeffrey Brown
Artist: Jeff Stokely, Katie Cook & Jeffrey Brown
Cover: Jeff Stokely & Jeffrey Brown

Price: $3.95
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  1. Did anyone get a copy of this in their store? My LCS didn’t have it.

  2. My store had it.

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