FLASH FACT! His power is his curse!

Written by MIKE CARLIN; Art and cover by RAGS MORALES

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  1. Ooooooh…. it’s an actual cricket.  How did I not realize that when I heard about this title months ago?

  2. this is maybe the only flashpoint title i’m overly excited about

  3. I might pick this up even though I don’t want to buy Flashpoint books. But then again this is a great creative team for a ‘new’ character that sounds and looks completely ridiculous.

  4. This may rival the super man flashpoint book, I am really excited for this and hope it is as ridiculous as the character itself

  5. Ok, am I not in on the joke? Are we supposed to know this guy? Or is it just fun because it’s silly, ’cause I can get behind that.

  6. @CaseyJustice  we don’t know anything about this other than the title which is probably why its so much fun. the not knowing helps in a lot of cases. plus the title is super fun

  7. @RoiVampire You are not wrong. I can get with a cricket superhero.

  8. @CaseyJustice  as far as i can tell the internet knows nothing about this book and that right there has me intrigued

  9. Is this a mini or a one-shot?

  10. Give a listen to this week’s Don’t Miss Podcast. It’s about the Canterbury Cricket.

    And it’s a one-shot.

  11. I hope my shop has enough of The Canterbury Cricket. I can see this being a sleeper sell out at a lot of stores.

  12. But is his curse also his power??

  13. @comicBOOKchris  god i hope so

  14. He must be a British character … any super heroes british in DC?

  15. @AmirCat  Knight and Squire?

  16. @WHATTHEDAST  – yeah that is the only one I know. He doesn’t look like any of them though.

  17. The cricket is wearing shorts.

  18. This was a boring issue all around.

    Confusing origin, boring characters around him, the only interesting thing was his ‘Ambush Bug’ team but they get taken out so quickly here. Hell not even Morales could save the issue because his pencils looked either rushed or also confusing to figure out.

    My canidate for ‘Most Disappointing Issue of 2011’ to be sure. (2/5) 

  19. I think I am still getting it just to see how bad it actually can be. Nothing, in my mind, can be worse that last weeks Search for Swamp Thing. Plus I really lke the cover.

  20. Ah, this was a bit of alright. Good fun. However, I’m sure not gonna follow the story to Lois Lane and the Resistance.

  21. I liked it, it was fun in a random creepy way XD.  PLUSS IT HAD ETRIGANNNN…. our favorite rhyming yellow guy.

  22. I enjoyed it. The only downside for me was that it continues in Lois Lane and the Resistance, which I was really disappointed in.

  23. Thought it had a cool and unique vibe. I enjoyed it, but I also won’t be following it in the Louis mini series. Would have been cool if this was a mini.

  24. yea i thought this was gonna be stupid, but i enjoyed it,

  25. i touch dull and the art was kinda forgettable. 

  26. Omigod, I agree with the Next Champion!  I feel dizzy.

  27. Looking forward to this book I was…flashpoint and johns made quite a buzz, but alas I was apalled, because this issue sucked major balls.

    Love the new character, hated the story.

  28. As an Englishman of ye sceptred beloved isle and all of her united kingdom, I was entranced by ye accuracy of ye English dialogue in this storied tale of derring-do. Verily, all countrymen of fair England do talketh exactly as written here by Sir Michael of Carlin. Also, many of Her Majesty’s ‘umble subjects doth spell ‘Jeramey’ like that. I salute Sir Michael’s glorious tale and wish him well on his quest for The Lost Plot!!

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