FLASH QUESTION: Who is behind Project Superman?

Art and cover by GENE HA

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  1. I’m giving this a shot again because of the great reveal in Flashpoint and the great talents involved here.

  2. The story didn’t blow me away in the first issue, but Gene Ha’s art is enough to keep me onboard.

  3. First issued suffered from a severe lack of Superman.

  4. @mrfrost  – I want the Gene Ha I know, maybe we’ll see more of that.

    @JimBilly4  – yeah, they probably had to do a filler until Flashpoint #3 cameout.

  5. I skipped issue 1 but will be getting this issue.

  6. @mgriffith  – I don’t think you missed much. Just a guy who volunteers for a super human program like Steve Rogers, but ends up being a jerk.

  7. Im guessing this is going to be more about what happened to Subjects 2 and 3 (Krypto and Supergirl(?)) seeing as FP3 seems to imply Kal was fairly quickly tossed into the holding cell and never saw the light of day again.  His story will likely be in the main series.

  8. @Kamilo  – yeah I really give a poop about Krypto. **sarcasm**

  9. How can the average rating be 8?!

  10.  I actually enjoyed this issue very much (more than the first).  The drawing at the end was a great touch. 

  11. @AmirCat:  Thanks for the tip.

    The store has extra issues of issue 1, so if I find I want a copy of it after reading issue 2, I shouldn’t have trouble getting my hands on one.

  12. Fairly good issue, but this is definately not the most compelling storyline in the Flashpoint Epic.

  13. I loved this issue.  Definitely one of the best of the Flashpoint mini’s, right up there with Frankenstein.

    The inclusion of Lois into the mix seems like a no-brainer (what, with her Dad a major character and all), but it still shocked me when she showed up.  I was even more pleased to see the interaction between her and Kal.

    I’m curious to see how that last issue plays out, knowing where we need to be for the start of Flashpoint proper. 

  14. Very compelling.  Though not a “must read” by any means, I am glad I decided to try this issue.  I bet issue 3 will be good, too.

    Not to reveal a spoiler, but I loved every scene with Subject 2 in them, depsite his seeming demise.  And now we pretty much know the fate of Lex Luthor in the Flashpoint world.

    To me, very decent comic.

  15. This issue didn’t really do much for me until Lois showed up and Kal burned an effigee of her in the steel wall with his eyes.

  16. @WHATTHEDAST  That was one of the best parts of this issue. Without it, a lot of depth would not have been in the story.

  17. @mgriffith  That’s what I’m saying. It made the book worthwhile.

  18. I loved this issue so much. It just goes to show that when it comes to comics, you just have to have patience.

  19. I expect issue 3 to rock!

  20. Flashpoint and all of it’s sides have been very, very good; I do not think I have read a bad issue yet. I am looking forward to how all of these comics in Flashpoint are going to end? I get the feeling the whole DC Universe is going to fade to white at the end pages to restart the new universe or reboot the next month, so expect anything to happen that you never thought they would because there is a reboot it it really wont matter after that.

    Just sayin’

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