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Art and cover by GENE HA

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

After a decent first issue, I feel like this miniseries really upped the game this week.  This second issue was fantastic.  In this issue, we see just how the government treated Kal once he was in captivity, and we see a stark contrast to his upbringing here as opposed to Smallville.  The details in this story certainly paint Superman in a different light, and it makes his actions in Flashpoint all the more clear.  This is a heartbreaking story in a way because we see the absolute abuse of this young child at the hand of the scientists.  We understand why he is weak and scrawny and terrified.  We find compassion for him as he loses everything he loves.  We also get to see what happened to the main character from the first issue and just how his power has corrupted him.  There are some great twists in this issue, thanks to the actions of the main character, that I won’t give away, but this seems like another series (like the Batman series) that is having fun playing the normal tropes of Superman.  The art in this issue is much better than the last.  I credit that to a much more subdued style and much more subdued coloring.  Long gone are some of the more crazy color pops from last issue, and instead, most of the issue is done in a muted, almost sterile style.  It invokes the sort of sciencey detachment that Kal is experiencing with punches of color during some of his more heartfelt moments.  I wouldn’t say that this is perfect Ha art, but I think his art definitely changes depending on the inks and colors.  Overall, I thought this issue was solid, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Absolutely agree with you on this review. The first issue was okay, but this issue really did a great job of painting a very full, very sad picture of Kal’s life in the Flashpoint universe. Snyder’s writing always entertains, and the art did indeed seem better than the first issue for some reason.

    One of my favourite Flashpoint issues… even if it made me feel bad for Kal. But I’d say any comic that can make you feel SOMEthing is doing something right.

  2. This was pretty depressing, but really, really good.  The emotional impact was very similar to when I read a trade of Scalped.  Your review is totally spot on.  Ha’s young Kal is great, capturing his innocence and fragility nicely, and I thought Lane was written really well, sympathetic and somewhat heroic.  This is right up there with Grodd of War and Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2 as one of the best Flashpoint issues to date.

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