FLASH FACT! They experimented on him in a lab for years!

Plot by SCOTT SNYDER; Script by LOWELL FRANCIS; Art and cover by GENE HA

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  1. The preview Newsarama solicited of this looked gorgeous! I don’t care how long it takes to come out, i’d wait forever for Gene Ha’s art.

  2. Snyder’s on this book too? That’s three books by/with him this week 🙂 Love that cover art!

  3. @mrfrost  – This could be in the early running for POTW!

    @martinNL  – I know! I’m willing to bet these three will be on the top 5 POTW list.

    My Mock POTW is this one for now ….

  4. By the way, by Mock POTW, I am mean like MOCK Draft in the NFL, NBA. Picks before the picks.

  5. Pysched for this.  Dying to know what’s up with Superman in Flashpoint, and Snyder’s my man!

  6. This looks awesome. Supe’s been sleeping for most of flashpoint. Didn’t even have his own territory.

  7. The preview art doesn’t look that impressive but this feels like a book that’s gonna carry a lot of weight.

  8. I wish Snyder was actually scripting this as well but I will not pass up a superman story

  9. Alternate history Superman stories are generally the only good Superman stories. With Gene Ha art I am definitely excited.

  10. Lab rat Superman. Should be interesting.

  11. @onetone  – guinea pig Supes. Check to see if Pavlov’s theory on Supes works.

    The story kind of sounds like the Captain America origin, which is interesting …

  12. okay so i saw somewhere else that the cover had a dude standing and screaming in the background, what’s up with that?

  13. @wangman31888  yeah, it looks as though that is the official cover, which is too bad. I thought that image up there was way better.

  14. Gene HA?! Sold.

  15. That’s right folks, Goku is now in the DCU

  16. I didn’t really get this. It was unclear what was happening from page to page. Who were those people he was killing at the end?

  17. Not my thing. I shall not be continuing. The good Flashpoint minis are really few and far between.

  18. Is he suppose to be Doomsday?

  19. Not as good as I was hoping for.

  20. Wonder what those Chinese characters were? This guy is all into Zen proverbs and all, the one he liked I could espouse to as well.

    Thought this was good, Gene Ha’s art has evolved in an interesting, more conventional style, but can still see his uniqueness in it.

  21. kinda disappointing for me. What’s a guy gotta do to get a good Superman book these days? Geezz…

  22. I have to echo CaseyJustice’s comment. I was excited for this and it didn’t leave me the way I had expected it to. It was ok, but nothing great.

  23. I enjoyed this tremendously. I’ll be back for #2.

  24. He stole the Viltrumite chop!

  25. @Malecema ha! That’s where I seen that before!

  26. Really disappointed with Ha’s art. :/

  27. Pretty cool story. Looking forward to seeing where this goes and how (if at all) it ties into the reboot in the fall.

  28. Enjoyed this. I liked the concept and the dialogue, but I think this was executed poorly. i had a bit of trouble figuring out what was going on. ON a plus note, I had high expectations for Gene Ha and his art, and they were filled.

  29. I will await the trade.  I think this will read better in the collected edition.

  30. @loki2486  He is not Doomsday, but this does tie into the Doomsday story…

    For those who may not recall the Doomsday origin story, he was created by Kryptonian scientists thousands of years ago. Genetically engineered to adapt, he was killed and cloned over and over to force him to evolve to be invulnerable, super strong, grow the stone claws, etc. Each time, he got more powerful, and what was done to kill him did not work anymore.

    If you read the Booster Gold issue, it had Doomsday, referred to as Project 6, being remote controlled by the military. Project 6 is referenced in this issue as the source of some genetic material they used on Lt. Sinclair to give him powers. That is why he became resistant to the various things they exposed him to over the years and evolved his powers.

    I liked this quite a bit, 4/5. I think that having that back-story knowledge made it easier to get into and enjoy. Execution could have been better in some areas, and he does have Goku hair as someone said, but none of that diminished my enjoyment. Sinclair was creepy, and I loved the depiction of his x-ray vision. I am eager to see what happens with the arrival on the last page. Sinclair already has a lot of emotional issues and feels neglected, so I can’t wait to see how this makes him react.

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