FLASH FACT: Arthur Curry’s rage has sunk countries, killed millions, and begun a world war. But as the end approaches, he will have to gather the ferocity needed to destroy his enemy utterly.

Written by TONY BEDARD

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  1. The first issue was great!  The second issue was not-so-great!  Here’s hoping Aquaman brings the pain in this issue! …also, I’d love to see Gorilla Grodd show up–he said he was going to Europe after all!

  2. I’ve mostly lost interest in the details of Flashpoint Aquaman and Wonder Woman but I might as well check out this last issue.  This series at least was at least better at explaining why Flashpoint Aquaman is a bigger dick than usual considering he was raised by Atlantians.

  3. @WoodenSpoonVersusShiv  YES! If Grodd shows up that would be the greatest thing ever!

  4. Still loving this series and all of the tie ins they have been fun.

    Just sayin’,


  5. Enjoying the WW/Aquaman storyline, I am very curious how it ends…particularly this book, since WW #3 is still to follow.

  6. Aquaman is such a dick…

  7. I only picked this up to get some aquaman action. i was pretty dissapointed. the last minute twist had no rhyme or reason and added no weight to the book whatsoever. 

  8. still fun summer reading.

    just sayin’,


  9. But how much is WW a d*ck for wearing that helmet?  That’s cold.

    Orm has got to be the stupidest looking major character I’ve seen in a long time.

    Great issue, am looking forward to WW3…I haven’t been buying Flashpoint itself so I hope I get most of the story wrapped up for me in WW3.

  10. This issue does a good job explaining the events leading directly up to the sinking of Western Europe.  But, I felt like it failed to develop any of the cool stuff from the first issue (the shocking events in Europe, the tragedy of losing Mera, the heinousness of creating the geo-weapon).  Instead, Aquaman #3  rehashes and over-explains all of the events presented in #1, as if readers can’t think critically about the material.  It seemed like all the excruciating explainations were focused on making sure everyone got it and understood the “cool”, “edgy” implications for the characters rather than moving the story forward.  In the end though, I suppose there is only so much “story” that can be told outside of the main event book.

    … I’m still holding out hope that Gorilla Grodd is going to crash the party in the main FlashPoint book!

  11. Yep, he’s a dick. This was good though!

  12. @Urthona yea, WW wearing the helmet wasn’t helping any in convincing Arthur of the conspiracy.

    Oh what treachery by Orm, guess they’re keeping him true to his Ocean Master roots, fun stuff!

    Liked Cifuentes’s art in this.

  13. Did anyone notice in that WW loses theMera’s helmet in this issue (which is taking place before FP #4) but in Flashpoint #4 she has the helmet back on.  When did she get it back

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