FLASH FACT! For their last performance – an escape act!

Written by J.T. KRUL

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Cliff Chiang, you are so damn good.

  2. Great cover.  Wow.

  3. Great cover, but I hate that the Flashpoint branding ruins it a little. I imagine the HUGE Green Lantern movie banner will be at the top of this cover when it prints.

  4. even while i ignore most of the flashpoint event, this will be hard to resist.

  5. Deadman and curiosity about Flashpoint has this on my pull list… But I’m a bit skeptical of krul. Last time he and I worked together on my entertainment, he was directing arsenal to do things… That can’t be unseen.

  6. @vinh  I’ve only seen that GL banner on 2nd printings.

    With the flashpoint logo and the GL banner, then you’re only gonna have 3/4 of the page for the cover lol.

  7. Soooo the cover is kind of awesome, and I’ve been loving Deadman, but I’ve yet to fall in love with a J.T. Krul book. Still, I hear good things about his work over on Teen Titans, so maybe I’ll give this a shot.

  8. Amazing cover, great concept, solid artist and a mediocre (at best) author. There are 3 bucks in my pocket feeling very conflicted right now.

  9. This might be the only FlashPoint tie in I buy.

  10. Another tie in I’ll decide in the store.

  11. @360Logic  – Krul was good in Titans. Give him a chance.

  12. JT Krul has been kicking ass on Teen Titans, so I’m pretty confident that his Flashpoint mini will be quality work.

  13. While I don’t doubt Krul is a great writer, I was unsure what to think of him after his Green Arrow run.  I really like the art that DC posted a few days ago, so I’m feeling conflicted about this book. On another note, Cliff Chiang’s cover is awesome!

  14. They ruined one of the best Flashpoint covers by putting that stupid banner across the top.
    I mean honestly, if you live in a western country, and don’t know when Green Lantern is coming out you must be living under a rock. 

  15. Krul floored me. This book can make me see why DC is promoting/pushing this guy to the top of the pack.

    A perfect re-imaging and what Flashpoint is all about. The art was top notch as well.


    It may be calling it early, but with books like these, I am calling the Win for DC with Flashpoint over Marvel and Fear Itself.

  16. Also, it was a coin flip between this and Godzilla:G&G #1 to be Pick of the Week.

  17. ruined another cover with that crap banner. Really disappointing.

  18. This was pretty darn good. Krul did a good job, and the interior art was well done. One of the better tie-in books, I think. Liked the cameos by other characters, and the search for the helm looks promising. And you can’t deny that cover.

  19. Best flashpoint tie in yet !

  20. I guess this was fine. Can’t get into the whole Flashpoint thing. Couldn’t invest in what was going on in this comic. Liked the cover.

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