FLASH FACT! He spends his days running Wayne Casinos!


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  1. Dave Johnson – The Master! Great cover.

    This title is the reason I’m staying with Flashpoint … for now.

  2.  Yea wow, whatta team on this!

  3. i might give this tie in a try

  4. I wasnt going to pick this up until that twist ending of Flashpoint #1.  Cant wait to see what the creative team does on this. 

  5. Batman Punisher sign me up

  6. This could be my POTW!

  7. This was absolutely fantastic. Mainly because SPOILERS even though he’s in in shadow, the Joker looked like Heath Ledger. And I can’t help but think that maybe he’s Alfred?

  8. Can’t wait. I’m quitting main FLASHPOINT to get this title.

  9. wow this was REALLY good.

  10. I wish the ads weren’t nonstop. 20/40 pages in the book were ads. Really bothered my reading of it. 

  11. Good stuff. That art was killer. Those layouts were really great…..always refreshing to see some experimentation and looser panel design. I really can’t wait for next issue. 

  12. 100 Bullets team on Batman via Flashpoint. I’m all over this!

  13. Awesome stuff!  This might just push up the 100 Bullets trades a little closer to the top of the reading stack.

  14. did anyone else think Thomas Wayne was being played by Red Crow from Scalped?

  15. Great to see the 100 Bullets team together again. I really enjoyed this issue.

  16. Art was good, but after the Spaceman prologue in Strange Adventures #1 and this, I’m starting to really get tired of Azzarellos dialogue…so many points when I have to go back and try and figure out what the hell the characters are talking about…

  17. Thomas Wayne doesn’t take any sh*t. I like it.

  18. I was really pumped for this one. And it was good. But it was a little clunky in parts. Like shiveringking8, I had a hard time following some of the dialog. Not because it was overly complex, but because it seemed full of non-sequitors and fragmented sentences. I felt like I was reading young Bendis or Robinson instead of Azz. 

    Still, some serious artwork from Risso here, as always. I kinda like the idea that Flashpoint Joker is the DK version. Just like the Guardians over in Abin Sur. I don’t want things to stay that way post-event, but it’s nice to see a nod to the films versions once in a while.  

  19. I haven’t read 100 bullets, but this team caught my eye from the Batman story in Wednesday Comics. I liked this more than the main title this week. I think it just shows that the main interest with this event is all the side stories and interesting changes between this and the main DCU. After this, I might think about picking up some more tie-ins. 

    I thought the art was fantastic, and the story was good although a bit clunky at times. The dialog did seem quite fragmented, but I like how Azzarello walked the fine line between providing too much or too little exposition- something which the main series has not been successful at 2 issues in.

  20. Was thinking, “Oh god, Killer Croc again?”  Glad it was only so he could killed off finally.

  21. mmmrrr…

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